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How a New Benchtop Can Elevate Your Kitchen Design

In the market for a new kitchen benchtop? Perhaps you’ve had a laminate surface you’ve been meaning to replace for years but it was never the right time. Or your stainless steel counters are so scratched up you can’t stand the sight of them. Often the one thing keeping a person from having the kitchen of their dreams is the benchtops. Cabinetry, when the right colour, can quite easily marry up with other aspects of the kitchen, meaning sometimes all you need to create the look and feel of a brand new space is a new slab of stone. Read on for our list of ways a new benchtop can create a whole new kitchen.


It’s important, first and foremost, to consider how you’ll be using your benchtops. Marble is great for rolling out dough and pasta, but its porous nature means you’re constantly looking out for and cleaning up stains. Pay careful attention to the durability of the surface you choose to ensure minimum effort and maxim return on investment. 


If you’re after the contemporary look

New kitchen design trends dictate that thick-cut, slab style bench tops are out, and thin surfaces are en vogue. A great way to achieve the look of a sleek, slim bench that still has all the functionality of a high-quality, engineered stone surface is by opting for porcelain.


Porcelain surfaces are relatively new to the kitchen scene. Made from powdered clay and coloured pigments, porcelain can be made with a number of textures, finishes, and looks, from glossy to matte, and printed to mimic stone, timber, metal and even concrete. 


Porcelain benches are dense and non-porous, making them easy to maintain. They’re also highly heat-resistant, perfect for the kitchen. A porcelain benchtop in a plain shade like white or grey will give your kitchen a breath of contemporary fresh air. 


If you like traditional styles

Your kitchen may have plain cabinets that don’t require updating, but the bench is old and worn. If you like the look of a traditional kitchen design that pays homage to the Australian landscape, opting for timber benches is a great way to do so. 


Timber benchtops add texture and warmth to your kitchen, and bring a piece of the outside in. Timber is a versatile choice for a number of kitchen design styles, including contemporary, traditional and even scandinavian. The overall look you achieve will depend on which type of timber you choose, be it Ash, Birch Jarrah or even bamboo. Lighter tones pair well with white shaker cabinets for a traditional kitchen design. Meanwhile woods with a darker grain often marry well with like colours, such as black.


Looking to go industrial?

If you get a lot of use out of your kitchen, and consider yourself something of a foodie, you may be interested in a stainless steel benchtop. Stainless steel is hygienic, hard-wearing and heat-resistant, making it the perfect kitchen surface material. 


When paired with other contemporary touches such as matte finishes and handleless cabinets, stainless steel can bring a sense of low-maintenance industrial style to your kitchen design. 


Splashbacks and sinks can be integrated into stainless steel benches, minimising any space for germs and bacteria to hang around. Spending a bit more on a thick-cut stainless steel bench means you can have it polished every 5-10 years, minimising unsightly scratches and dents.  


If you’re after a quick, low-budget solution

A laminate bench can do wonders for your existing kitchen design and help you keep your renovation cost low. Laminate is a budget-friendly option that gives you the look of a high-end surface. A laminate benchtop can fit in with most kitchen design styles, as it can be printed with high-quality marble and stone looks. 


Laminates come in a number of colours and finishes, including dark timber styles and matte finishes. Laminate surfaces are not heat-resistant like natural stone and stainless steel, so be mindful of what you place on them. 


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