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How to Update Your Living Space with New Custom Joinery

When you think about adding additional storage to the home, there are a few areas that immediately spring to mind – the kitchen, the laundry and the walk-in robe, for example.

But as the hub of the home, the living room is an often-underutilised space that can offer a wealth of extra room to house anything from your entertainment library and books to extra linens and Christmas decorations.

Not only does joinery offer a clever way to incorporate extra storage into the space, but it can also help to make it more functional too.

As experts in custom joinery in Sydney, we know that even the smallest of living spaces can be transformed into versatile, multipurpose hubs of the home with the right solution in place.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to incorporate joinery into the living room to improve this space in the home.

Entertainment console

Many homeowners make do with a TV stand that they’ve picked up from a furniture store. The trouble with these units is that they rarely fit the space that they sit in, resulting in lots of wasted potentials and sometimes an unbalanced aesthetic.

Creating a custom entertainment hub with custom joinery means that you can completely tailor its specifications to your preferences. The height you want the television to sit at, the style of cupboards or drawers that you prefer and the length that it runs along the wall are all up to you.

You could even create a custom solution that makes use of the entire wall, with taller cabinets on either side of your television, making a great home for cleaning equipment like the vacuum. Alternatively, opt for shelves or glass-front cabinets to store things like DVDs and games.


Rather than living in a pile on your floor or tucked away in the home office, give your books pride of place in the living area with a bookshelf that you create with custom joinery in Sydney.

Make use of narrow wall space with a floor-to-ceiling unit. Open shelves can also make for a great feature wall filled with books and other homewares to create a design element of its own.

Shelving units can also incorporate cupboards along the bottom for some concealed storage, a great home for things like board games that’s easily accessible.

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A perfect way to create cohesion between your kitchen and living area in an open-plan layout, a sideboard in the same timber as your kitchen cabinetry creates valuable flow-on storage for this space.

Perfect for items like crockery, servingware, medium-sized appliances and glassware, a sideboard can also come in many different shapes and sizes.

A buffet-style sideboard consists of multiple conjoined cupboards around hip height, creating a focal point of the wall above (or a great solution to run beneath a window).

A more traditional sideboard unit might also incorporate some glass-front cabinets or open shelves to create styling opportunities, showcasing homewares and contributing to the space’s aesthetic.

Window seat

A multipurpose addition, a window seat doesn’t just create additional seating in your living area but can double as useful storage, too.

Whether you opt for an open shelf underneath the seat for another styling statement or for a hinged seat to conceal storage inside, a window seat is easy to create with custom joinery in Sydney yet can have a huge impact on your living space.

While the words ‘custom joinery’ might have you thinking of kitchens, the reality is that joinery has many applications beyond kitchen cupboards. From bespoke entertainment units to bookshelves, from storage-packed sideboards to functional window seats, custom joinery can transform the smallest of spaces into a living area that truly is the heart of the home.

To see some examples of creating custom joinery in Sydney, why not visit an Apollo Joinery Group showroom? With three convenient locations across Sydney and the Central Coast, you can chat with our talented team and find out more about the custom joinery solution we could create for your home.
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