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Kickstart Your Kitchen Renovation from Home

As we spend more time at home coming up to the winter months, you’ll probably find you have more time to plan that renovation you’ve been putting off, or at least you’ll start to notice more and more those parts of your kitchen you’ve grown to dislike. Time spent indoors presents the perfect opportunity to evaluate what’s functional for your family, what isn’t, what you want in a new kitchen and what you need. Getting started on your kitchen renovation can be done in three stages. Read on to learn more!


Create a Vision Board

Designing your new kitchen is an opportunity to have a lot of fun, looking for design ideas and letting your interior decorating skills get a workout. Look for inspiration wherever you can, whether this is in magazines, online or even in the real estate lift-out in the Sunday paper. If you prefer digital, create a Pinterest account and set up different boards for different sections of the kitchen, or the design styles you’d like to reference and replicate. You can create archives of your favourite Instagram posts by using the ‘Save’ function and categorise these in the same way you would Pinterest boards. 


Look for images that show kitchens with different layouts, colour schemes, textures, materials and whatever else you can find to inspire your new kitchen design. For family kitchen inspiration, check out our portfolio. You can never have too much inspiration, however, at some stage you do need to start making decisions based on what you’ve found.  When you feel you have enough of an idea of what you like, look through your vision boards for consistent themes and let these guide your decision making. These could be tile shapes, colour schemes, or cabinetry styles. If you focus on a single aspect, you’ll no doubt see patterns emerge. 


Measure it up

Measure your existing kitchen – the walls, windows, floor space, doorways. Compare your measurements to the kitchen design styles you have in mind and ensure they marry up as much as possible. For a guide on how to measure, contact our kitchen showroom on 1300 90 80 90.


Spending more time at home means you’ll also get to know the kitchen habits of your cohabitors quite well. Start to make note of little behaviours like how long people linger in the fridge or pantry, which area they tend to prepare snacks in, and where people congregate to chat and eat. Use these observations to guide your decision-making process where space is concerned. 


Once you get a feel for just how much space you have, and how much you’ll need, you can begin making decisions about appliances, materials and furnishings. You’ll also need to start thinking about whether or not you’ll update the layout, or keep it as-is. Will you opt for a butler’s pantry so pesky snackers stay out of the way whilst you’re cooking? Do you have room for a 6-burner stove? Answers to questions like these will be unearthed when you start to measure up your space and observe behaviours.


Book an online consultation

You’ve sorted out your new kitchen design style, requirements and sizing, now it’s time to speak to a kitchen designer about bringing it all together. Before this, you should also think to prepare for your consultation by creating a list of questions you have for the designer. Speaking to a qualified and experienced kitchen designer will give you a better grasp on things like budget, time frame and schedule. They’ll also listen to your ideas and provide suggestions based on their own experience. 


Kitchen designers have a good idea about the latest trends and even those about to hit the market, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the design suggestions you hadn’t thought of. 


During your consultation, your designer will ask you questions about your lifestyle, your family and how you use your kitchen. Good thing you took the time to make note of kitchen habits! From this, they’ll be able to workshop design ideas that are functional for you and the needs of your family.

To kickstart your kitchen renovation, make a booking for a video consultation with an expert Apollo Kitchens team member today.


In the meantime, download our exclusive eBook to prepare for your consult.

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