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Kitchen Cabinet Checklist: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Creating custom kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to bring a splash of stylish design to your home. You need to know that your kitchen cupboards will be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. By selecting the best hardware and accessories, you can make the most of the space in your home or business. 

Choosing your kitchen cabinets might seem like the easiest part of your kitchen design, however, it comes with a checklist of questions you should ask yourself before you press play on your kitchen remodel.  

If you’re looking to redesign your kitchen make sure to run through our simple kitchen cabinet checklist first! 


Check colour, style and design 

Custom kitchen cabinets are the centrepiece of your kitchen. They are often the first thing you notice in kitchen design as they take up the majority of the space. 

Assess what colours and accents you’ve chosen for the rest of the kitchen and ask yourself, would these kitchen cabinets go with the rest of the house? If the answer is no, it might be worth reconsidering the cabinets or the other details that aren’t pairing well with them. 


With so many options out there, you’ll never run short of styles to choose from. To narrow down your selection process, choose between classic or contemporary styles, and seek out whether your ideal style is available in your location. 

You’ll be opening and closing the cabinets every day for at least another five years. Is this style going to date quickly? Play around with colour samples and put them in and around your home to test which hues you come to love and which you don’t.



Does your kitchen require heavy-duty materials or are you more concerned about the visual appearance…or both? 

Materials used for your kitchen cabinetry will add textual balance to your new kitchen design and will affect how much maintenance you can expect to come with the kitchen. We recommend that you invest in materials that will age well such as solid wood and even stainless steel for a modern effect. 


Size and function 

Once you’ve considered the kitchen cabinet’s visual appearance, consider functionality. Touching, opening, and closing the cabinets is something you’ll be doing multiple times a day. Are the handles going to become annoying to grip? Will they be situated too, low requiring you to bend over all the time? Are they big enough to store everything? 


Do you have children at home or is it likely you’ll have them later down the road? Then perhaps you’ll need soft closing kitchen cabinets. There are so many functionalities available on the market such as; handleless, soft-closing cupboards, lift-up doors, bifold doors, sliders and more. 

Don’t rush over this step. Taking the time to thoroughly consider kitchen cabinet functionality and size will ensure you have a kitchen you’ll love for years to come. 



It’s easy to fall in love with custom cabinets and kitchen design concepts before you’ve allocated a budget for the project. Take time to research how much cabinets retail for and how many your kitchen will need. From there, assess how much you’ll need to set aside and how much you’re prepared to spend on detailing, materials and functionality. 


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