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Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

There’s never been a better time to make changes to your current kitchen cabinet design. Adapting your kitchen cabinet design will makeover your entire kitchen. You will be surprised how changing cabinet style, design, texture and finish can transform the environment in your kitchen.  

We’ve got options for you whether your kitchen design is traditional, modern, old world or coastal. We guarantee that you will find a style that you have not considered previously. Read on to get inspired by our kitchen cabinet ideas


The Shaker style cabinet

The shaker style cabinet originates from America in the 1700s and is often still seen in modern kitchen designs. It is one of our customers’ go-to kitchen cabinet designs as it is classic and timeless

Shaker style cabinets are flat with recessed panels on the cabinet doors. The simple design never goes out of style as it makes for sleek and stylish kitchen cabinet design.  

Shaker cabinets are popular amongst homeowners as they give any kitchen a sense of simple country charm that pairs well with just about any design style. The shaker style is also incredibly versatile meaning it can include fluted columns, corbels and mantels. The shaker cabinet can also be finished in a variety of textures such as ash grain, or opaque colours in gloss and matte. 


Handleless cabinets

Particularly popular in modern kitchen designs, handleless kitchen cabinets come with a range of added benefits. 

Handleless kitchen cabinets are functional, quiet, and safe — perfect for families with young children and those who cannot stand the sound of slamming kitchen cabinet doors. Advancements to cabinet hinges and runners means that handleless kitchen cabinets are now more accessible than ever before. 

Handleless cabinets can either be fitted with touch mechanisms, that open with a simple push. The handleless look can also be achieved with kitchen cabinet doors that have a slight overhang on the bottom which can be easily gripped. This essentially creates a handle hidden from view. 



Glass display cabinets

Glass display kitchen cabinets are perfect for the homeware-lovers who want to show off their collection of crockery, pottery and glassware. Glass kitchen cabinets also make for a great home bar that is storage-friendly and tasteful. 

Glass cabinets can be created by taking an antique pantry facade and adding in glass doors. This treatment will give your kitchen a country-style look. Glass kitchen cabinets can also be easily purchased from your local furniture store. 

An added bonus, glass cabinets encourage more frequent cleaning an organisation, as the insides of cupboards are visible, and no longer an excuse to keep things out of sight. 


Wooden cabinets 

Wooden kitchen cabinets have had a comeback recently, evoking a sense of warmth in both modern and classic kitchen designs. Compared to vinyl cabinets that can peel and date quickly, wooden kitchen cabinets are considered a luxury kitchen feature that come with a range of benefits. 

Timber and wooden kitchen cabinets are an investment in your home as they offer durability and age beautifully. The range of patterns and textures found in the wood kitchen cabinet will give your kitchen a traditional and tasteful feel. 

Pair wooden cabinets with glass doors for a functional, durable, and attractive kitchen cabinet solution. 


Double duty cabinets

Often a sleek kitchen design is disturbed by protruding fridges and dishwashers. Double duty kitchen cabinets enclose appliances to ensure your line of kitchen cabinetry is not broken. Handleless, double duty kitchen cabinets are a favourite for those who want an ultra-minimal kitchen design

If you are still having trouble choosing the best kitchen cabinet design idea, let us know and we can assess your kitchen cabinet design ideas to provide the perfect cabinet alternative. 


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