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Kitchen Spring Clean Checklist

Spring has finally sprung and it is our favourite time of the year to deep clean the kitchen so that it is ready for your next Sydney kitchen renovation. With so much time being spent at home these days, it is now more imperative than ever that you embrace spring cleaning and declutter your kitchen environment.  


If you are lacking the motivation to begin your spring clean we are here to inspire a kitchen renovation in Sydney



Pantries have the potential to get messy and cluttered, no matter what style you own. 

The pantry is often a case of what is out of sight is out of mind. Cleaning your pantry will make more space for fresh produce and allow you to access what you need, faster. 


Start by taking everything out of the pantry and assess what is past the used by date, what is half empty and what can be thrown out. After you have thrown out what is no longer needed, group your items by category; i.e. sugar and all baking ingredients together and place half-used packets in plastic containers to prevent any mess. 


Spend a good amount of time cleaning the inside of the pantry including the doors, the handles and underneath each shelf. You might want to line the shelves with a material that will prevent products from leaking or sticking to the surface. 


Once the insides of the pantry have been thoroughly cleaned, strategically place items back inside the pantry starting with items you use the least followed by items you use the most. Place unused appliances back on the top or the bottom shelves. Consider investing in a step ladder for the high shelves and a spice rack for keeping spices together in one place. A step ladder will improve your accessibility, meaning you’ll be able to keep everything in its place, minimising clutter. 



Like the pantry, drawers also have a tendency to easily become cluttered and dirty. In a similar method to spring cleaning the pantry, take everything out of the drawers and assess what you do and do not need. Scratched pots and half-broken utensils can be thrown out. 


While you’ve got everything out of the drawers, clean the utensils, appliances and cooking ware and then the insides of the drawers. Anything you see two of that you do not need, set aside to donate or give to a friend or family member. Place your items back inside the drawers strategically as often drawers can become easily cluttered.  


If your drawers are easily cluttered we suggest you invest in some drawer organising dividers. The beauty of drawer dividers is the combinations are endlessly customisable, plus the time you save having everything in its place and easy to find will pay in droves. 


Under the kitchen sink 

Under the kitchen sink is often forgotten about, especially when it comes to spring cleaning. What many people forget is that under the sink is a great unit for storing extra cleaning products, cookware and even non-perishable food. 


Cleaning out under the kitchen sink will create extra space for kitchen items. Place anything that needs to be under the sink into clear storage containers. This will allow you to easily identify and access things like spare sponges and dishwashing tablets. 



The kitchen countertops and benches are prone to getting dirty and crammed with unnecessary items. Be sure to remove everything from all kitchen surfaces including canisters, chopping boards and toasters, and complete a thorough wipe down of all external surfaces. 


Empty out utensil jars, then sort, clean, and replace utensils. Clean out the toaster and coffee machine. Clean inside the microwave and wipe down the kitchen splashbacks.

Wipe down all your knives and chopping boards that are out on display and disinfect the sink surface. Once everything has had a deep clean, assess what can go into drawers and the pantry to eliminate the chance of dust and germs accumulating on top of your kitchen appliances. 


Remove anything that does not need to be on the kitchen benches such as loose paperwork, house keys and other items that might have compiled since you started working from home. 


Tip:  Schedule time in your calendar each month to clean your kitchen following the above methods to ensure your kitchen stays clean, tidy and hygienic. 


If you need expert advice for your Sydney kitchen renovation, at Apollo Kitchens, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.     
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