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Make a Design Statement with These Kitchen Storage Choices

For many homeowners, the renovation process begins by seeking out design inspiration online or in interior magazines. But when they begin to consider all of the functional elements on their wishlist, many end up compromising their ideal design to prioritise things like storage and accessibility. 

Having renovated hundreds of kitchens, we’ve helped many homeowners realise that function doesn’t have to come at the cost of form. There are lots of clever storage solutions that can add to the aesthetic of your kitchen, rather than detract from the overall look and feel of your space. 

Here are our favourite ways to add kitchen storage that are as beautiful as they are practical. 


1. Island benches 

A centrepiece of modern kitchen design, island benches aren’t just a great choice for their extra preparation space – they can be a really clever way of integrating more storage, too. 

Island benches can be a great home for your dishwasher – integrating this into the island cabinetry can create a sleek, streamlined look when paired with flat cupboards with finger pulls over handles. 

The shorter sides of the island can be turned into shelving for extra kitchen storage, too. Use this for your cookbooks, potted herbs or special crockery to create a design feature. 


2. Open or recessed shelves 

A perfect way to squeeze extra space out of a smaller kitchen, open or recessed shelves make excellent use of kitchens that have a lot of vertical wall space.

A popular alternative to upper cabinetry thanks to the way they open up space, open shelves can balance out a kitchen. Making the room feel less top-heavy, open shelves in a timber finish can make a good home for pots, pans, plates or seasonings. 

Recessed shelves on the other hand are a clever way to sneak in extra storage, particularly when next to your cooktop. Use these shelves to keep your bench free of clutter, maximising preparation space. These shelves are a great place to keep cookbooks or condiments within easy reach. 


3. Hanging shelves 

Another popular design choice that adds kitchen storage space is to install a hanging shelf above the island bench. 

Great for keeping the kitchen feeling open, maximising light and increasing storage, too, a hanging shelf is perfect for storing things like glassware or ingredients in storage containers. 

This can free up a lot of cupboard space and allows for an additional talking point in your kitchen design – use climbing indoor plants to soften the look.


4. Custom cabinetry 

Opting for a custom joinery solution in your kitchen design can not only help you make the most of any storage space available but can also create a cohesive look that’s especially effective for open plan kitchens. 

Working with a kitchen designer can help to create custom solutions for awkward spaces, such as deep cabinets, narrow gaps between appliances, or corners. They’ll also be able to help you with design decisions like cabinet door profile, the height of your cupboards and the tone of timber or paint colour you use for a striking overall aesthetic that’s in keeping with your chosen design style.   


5. Wine racks or fridges

Lastly, for those who entertain frequently or just enjoy a good drop, built-in wine storage can be both practical and stylish. 

Narrow spaces can easily be turned into the perfect storage for wine bottles, with the final product creating an interesting feature that can also create a vertical line that draws the eye up through the kitchen – making it feel bigger. 

For avid wine drinkers, you may also consider installing a dedicated wine fridge or cabinet. Temperature controlled, these replicate the conditions of a wine cellar to keep your bottles at the optimal temperature for drinking. Lit from within, they also make a great design feature that’s sure to be the envy of your guests. 


Our team of design experts can help to create the perfect custom kitchen storage solution for your home. Visit a showroom to see how these solutions can come to life across a variety of kitchen layouts and design styles.
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