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Showroom Q&A: The Kitchen Work Triangle

One of the most adhered-to rules of kitchen design is the work triangle. That is, your fridge, stove and sink should be positioned in a triangle to ensure ease of traffic flow and efficiency. 


The work triangle is a kitchen design hallmark, dating back to the 1940s, and based scientifically on how one typically moved between standard kitchen tasks.


As our lifestyles have evolved, so have our kitchens. The increasing popularity of open-plan layouts and growing need for more storage have resulted in less galley and L-shaped kitchens, meaning the work triangle as we know it has evolved.


We asked Georgina, one of our experienced Apollo Kitchens designers to explain all there is to know about the work triangle, and how it is changing in a world where we are growing increasingly fond of our island benches.


Can you explain the traditional work triangle (of cooktop, sink and fridge) and how important it’s been in the function of kitchens over the years?

The work triangle is the connection between cooking, washing up and food storage zones. It is important, but kitchens have evolved over time, incorporating more appliances and larger fridges. 


What are the standard distances between benches? Have these changed over the years? Are benches wider now? Is this because appliances have become bigger?

Benchtop widths are typically 1200mm. Some people do prefer wider tops and in some cases we have designed 1000mm benchtops to save space. 


How has technology influenced and changed the traditional kitchen layout?

We have seen more cooking appliances being incorporated into the kitchen design to create more convenience when cooking. It is important that our clients account for all appliances they currently have within their kitchen and a little bit of extra space for more. Eg: Coffee machines, steam ovens or thermal mixers. 


Is there a new kitchen work triangle?

The triangle is a staple when initially designing the kitchen area. From there we can work with the space to include our clients’ additional needs such as butlers pantry or an extra kitchenette.


How has the advent of the kitchen island affected the function of the classic work triangle? 

The kitchen island has allowed us to become more flexible with our space. In many cases we are using the island as a wash up and prep area. It is also the piece that brings our family and friends into the kitchen. 


Considering updating your kitchen? Be sure to contact the experienced team at Apollo Kitchens to get your kitchen renovation started.

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