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5 Kitchen Renovation Errors to Avoid in 2021

Thinking of renovating your kitchen in 2021? It’s the perfect time to start planning the updates you’ve always wanted to make to your space. Visit a kitchen showroom in Sydney and make your dream kitchen a reality. 

But when it comes to kitchen renovations, planning really is everything – as one of the most used spaces in your home, a poorly thought-out kitchen will bring you headaches for years to come. 

Here are five of the most common kitchen renovation errors to make sure you avoid in 2021.


1. Trying to incorporate too many trends

While kitchen trends can be a great source of inspiration for your renovation, the best kitchens are ones that pick one or two trends and nail the execution. 

If everything in your kitchen design has been sourced from what’s trending, you may find that your kitchen lacks an overall cohesive look and feel. Plus, it’s likely to date a lot faster if everything is ‘on-trend.’ 

Things like colour palettes and door hardware are easy to update over time to keep your kitchen feeling modern, but bigger ticket items will be harder to change down the track.


2. Not considering your layout

Another common mistake homeowners make when renovating their kitchens is failing to consider how they actually use this space in their day to day lives. 

While a kitchen in a magazine or on the internet may look like your dream space, in reality it may have a completely different layout to the one that works best for how you use your kitchen. 

Visit a kitchen showroom in Sydney where possible to walk through different designs, imagine your cooking or entertaining routine, and see what the best positioning for elements like appliances and the sink will be.


3. Forgetting about lighting

Something that a lot of us forget about is the important role that lighting plays in your kitchen. While it may look one way during the day, the look and feel of your kitchen can completely change in the evening or in the winter months depending on the lighting – or lack thereof – that you incorporate into your kitchen. 

Pendant lighting can be a great way to spotlight the workstation on your island bench, while also being a decor feature in itself. Under-cabinet strip lighting can also help to brighten up areas beneath your cupboards. 

Make sure to choose a warm-toned lighting scheme to keep your kitchen feeling warm and welcoming.


4. Designing for the short term 

Just like incorporating too many trends can date your kitchen, making it too personal can potentially affect your prospects if you decide to sell down the track. 

While it’s true that potential buyers might not love a crazy colour scheme or unique feature, that doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to be boring – but take into account how easy and cost-effective it would be to make your space more appealing if you did decide to sell your home.


5. Thinking of your kitchen in isolation

Lastly, while updating your kitchen to something more modern is exciting, it can also be jarring if it doesn’t match the style of the rest of your home. 

Consider how elements like colour and texture are used in other areas of the house, and incorporate references to these in your kitchen design for a cohesive style. 


Ready to renovate in 2021? Contact us to book an obligation-free consultation or visit one of our kitchen showrooms in Sydney. Need more help in planning your renovation? Download our eBook for your complete guide to kitchen renovations.

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