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Seven Smart Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Storage – it’s something we can never seem to get enough of when it comes to kitchens! 

With over 50 years of experience in designing functional family kitchens, our team at Apollo Kitchens have picked up many tips and tricks along the way when it comes to storage. 

If your kitchen pantry cabinet is overflowing, you can’t find a matching lid for your containers, or you’re just looking for some organisation inspiration, we’ve put together seven solutions to help you get the most from your kitchen storage.  


1. Make the most of vertical storage 

One of the most under-utilised spaces in a kitchen for storage – the walls! While you may be tempted to hang artworks on a blank wall in your kitchen, especially if you’re pressed for space this can be a really versatile way to introduce more storage. 

Open shelving means you can put your best crockery on display, or have your wine glasses within easy reach while freeing up precious bench space. 

If you’ve got a canopy rangehood, consider switching to an undermount unit instead for a more streamlined look and more storage space to boot.


2. Utilise shallow spaces 

Narrow spaces between cupboards or small gaps above your drawers may seem like wasted space, but with the right storage solutions, these can be useful spots to store items. 

Pull-out storage baskets let you make the most of deep cabinets or corner cupboards, while shallow drawers are perfect for storing herbs and spices so they’re easy to access while cooking – freeing up extra space in your kitchen pantry cabinet.


3. Don’t forget the island bench 

Islands are a staple of open plan kitchen design, and they can be really versatile when it comes to storage, too. 

It’s common to incorporate a sink or under-bench bins along the longest section of your island, but the narrow ends are a great place to stash cookbooks or recipe magazines – or maybe a convenient spot for a wine rack. 

On the outward-facing side, push-to-open drawers or sliding doors can help to conceal additional storage that’s perfect for serving ware or crockery for entertaining. 


4. Embrace storage accessories 

While storage solutions often focus on your bigger ticket items, it’s important to also think about the myriad of smaller packets, bottles and containers that are often found in your kitchen pantry cabinet

Tiered racks are perfect for spices or smaller containers, while lazy susans give easy access to your bottles and jars in high rotation. 

Clear, stackable containers in different sizes also help you to utilise vertical space between pantry shelves and let you easily identify their contents. 


5. Reclaim underneath your sink 

It can be hard to make good use of the space underneath your kitchen sink, with many of these cabinets housing little more than the kitchen bin. 

Introducing drawers or wire storage baskets on the inside of the cabinet doors create the perfect space to store cleaning items, keeping them within easy reach when you need them.


6. Hideaway small appliances 

Smaller appliances like the toaster, kettle or coffee machine are notorious when it comes to storage. They tend to take up a lot of room on the bench, often look unsightly, but are used often enough that they need to stay out. 

An appliance garage or hut lets you keep all these small appliances close by so they’re easy to pull out when needed, but can be tucked away behind a door to keep your benches clutter-free. 


7. Consider toe-kick drawers

Feel like you’ve used up every inch of space in your kitchen? The answer might be right underneath your nose… quite literally. The space below your under-bench cabinets can be really valuable for storing baking pans and trays, chopping boards and other flat items.


If your kitchen storage is in need of an overhaul, we can help! Get in touch with us to organise an appointment with one of our expert designers.
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