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Here’s Your Guide to a Summer Renovation

Finally jumping into a renovation is usually the last in a series of steps – setting a budget, chatting to an expert, settling on your design preferences and setting a timeframe.

So it’s no surprise that we often end up pushing our renovation back into the new year, making it a project for the next 12 months.

No matter where you are up to in your renovation planning, here are our tips on how to get the wheels moving on your project this summer.

Pick High Impact Changes First

Nothing feels as satisfying as finally making that change you’ve been dying to make in your kitchen. And studies show that a feeling of achievement can be one of the most powerful motivators.

Get your renovation off on the right foot by starting with changes that make a big difference. Painting the walls, switching out your cabinetry or installing that benchtop you’ve had your eye on will give rewards you can reap immediately, and spur you on to the next updates on your list.

Catch the Experts Early

When kitchen showrooms reopen for the New Year, you have an opportunity to meet with designers and get your project moving before they become busy again as the year picks up.

Involving an expert in your renovation can help you ensure that you work with high quality suppliers and installers, while sticking to your budget and timeframe.

Ensure You Have an Alternative Cooking Space

While Apollo Kitchens will work with you to ensure the impact to your lifestyle is as minimal as possible, it’s a good idea to arrange an alternative cooking space for the duration of your renovation.

The best part of a summer renovation is that it’s barbecuing season! Invest a little in your outdoor dining area – make the most of the warm weather while your oven and stove are out of action.

Make the Most of Summer

Planning a renovation during the warmer months gives you the most natural light possible, to consider colour palettes and lighting in these conditions.  

If you are ready to get the contractors in before the end of summer, you also won’t have to worry about ventilating the dust and chemical smells – it’s the perfect time of year for doors and windows to be open anyway, and is much more appealing than the thought of having to do it in the middle of winter!

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