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Designing a Coastal Style Kitchen for Summer

With winter officially out, it’s easy to find yourself thinking about spending the warmer months down by the beach. If you’ve been considering a kitchen renovation, kickstarting it in the new year means you can make the most of your new space all summer, and all year long.

There are plenty of benefits to adopting a beach house aesthetic for your new kitchen. Beside having the seaside feeling all year round, coastal-style homes and kitchens are bright, open and airy by design, making them appear and feel larger and more inviting. Opting for a coastal kitchen design also means when the weather cools down again, it’ll still feel like summer. 

Read on to learn how we achieved the coastal look with this kitchen in Clovelly. 


Open plan

If you’ve got the room, designing an open-plan kitchen and dining space is a great way to maximise the kitchen’s potential and achieve the coastal look for your kitchen renovation

Open layouts create a sense of connectivity within the home and can be great for socialising. Eliminating walls from the equation also maximises natural light, creating vibrancy in the space.

Another obvious benefit of open-plan layouts is the extra storage space you enjoy. 

Positioning the kitchen toward the back of the house so it opens onto the backyard, is one of the hallmarks of a coastal home. This allows for easy flow between outdoors and in, and comes in handy when entertaining. 


Light and bright

The best coastal kitchens embrace the relaxed summer feel by keeping it light where it matters. Opting for a predominantly-white kitchen colour palette can open up a small room and make it feel cooler. Not to mention, white shades are far less likely to date as the years go on. 

Trending textures of the minute include natural stone and touches of cane and rattan. These accents complement the coastal look perfectly, which is all about natural textures in chic, light tones. 

Carrera marble benches and rattan light fixtures work to contrast plain kitchen joinery whilst maintaining the seaside look. 

Installing a horizontal window above the prep area in place of a splashback, as we did in this Clovelly kitchen, is another way to maximise natural light and bring a pop of colour to the space. 

If that’s not an option for your kitchen renovation, subway tiles are the best choice for achieving the pared-back, relaxed feel of a beach house. Choose white to keep it neutral and light, or opt for a pale blue for a statement splashback. 


Teemed with timber

Choose furnishings that accent your kitchen, without making too big a statement. The addition of a timber dining table to match wooden floorboards, for example, adds a sense of character and uniformity. 

Natural timber tones will also pair well with shades of white and nautical motifs like navy blue and white breton stripes, which take the seaside look to the next level.


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