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Designing a Functional One-Wall Layout For Small Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to renovating the kitchen in older homes, you’re often bound by the space constraints of the floorplan.

In many homes, the kitchen wasn’t incorporated into the living area like in today’s open-plan style; and wasn’t the multipurpose space for cooking, eating, entertaining, and even homework like it is today.

In many cases, the most suitable kitchen layout for a smaller space spans a single wall. While this style of kitchen isn’t known for its functionality or storage, you might be surprised at how much you can get out of a straight-line kitchen with the right design.

As experts in small kitchen renovations in Sydney, we’ve helped several homeowners to create a one-wall kitchen that’s as practical as it is space-saving – here are the elements you’ll want to nail to ensure you end up with a functional kitchen for your small space.


Traditional kitchen design principles champion the ‘golden triangle’ of functionality that places the sink, stove and fridge at each corner of an invisible triangle in the kitchen. That’s not possible in a straight-line kitchen, but there’s still a best-practice approach when it comes to the layout of your zones.

For example, your sink should be close to the dishwasher to make for easy washing up after cooking. The fridge and pantry should be next to your biggest expanse of open bench space, so it’s easy to get the ingredients you need while preparing a meal.

Stacking appliances can be a great way to use the vertical wall space – consider placing your oven and dishwasher on top of one another, for example, which also removes the frustration of the open appliance doors in the middle of your workspace.

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On the topic of appliances, there are some smart decisions you can make to maximise space and create a streamlined design aesthetic.

Where bench space is limited, a traditional stovetop can be more of a hindrance than a help. Consider an induction cooktop whose slimline profile reduces clutter along your bench and makes for a more seamless transition between work zones in the kitchen.

For small kitchen renovations in Sydney, space is a crucial commodity. Depending on the size of your household, full-sized appliances might be taking up more space than you need.

The dishwasher is one such appliance where space can be saved. A single-tier dishwasher can be stacked underneath the microwave, for example, meaning you can fit two important appliances in the space where only one would typically fit.

Where possible, leave ample room for a decent size bottom-mount or French door fridge. Perishable food is the one thing in your kitchen that can’t be stored anywhere else, and so the fridge is the last appliance in which you want to be feeling space constraints. There are options with a slim profile available, so you can enjoy all of the functionality without needing to commit the space of a standard French door fridge.


Every other inch of available space in your single wall kitchen should be considered as an opportunity for storage.

Upper cabinetry is a must for small kitchen renovations in Sydney and should span to the ceiling wherever possible. Not only is this valuable storage space, but it also means that you won’t have an accumulation of dust on top of the cabinets.

Pull-out drawers or cupboards are great for narrow spaces, to create a home for things like spices or chopping boards, and also for deep cabinets to make sure you can access things at the very back.

Don’t forget about the wall space between your bench and the cabinets, too. This could be used as hanging space along the wall in front of you or extra shelves that span the wall on the side – a great space to store cookbooks within arm’s reach of the stove.

Planning a small kitchen renovation in Sydney? Our team of award-winning designers can help you to create a functional kitchen that makes the best use of your small space. Get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation today.
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