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Designing Windows And Coverings For Your Kitchen

Our eyes may be the windows to our souls, and our windows can certainly add to the character of our kitchens.

With the right windows, you’ll add aesthetic and functional appeal to your kitchen design, and will add an extra source of lighting to change the whole ambience of the space.

Whether you’re renovating or building new, it’s worth getting the windows right from the start – and incorporating them into your initial plans – so you can have years worth of great design. The windows you choose depend on the size of your room, your colour palette and style of your home or business.

What size is right?

Choosing the size of your window is key; too small and you risk creating a dark and claustrophobic space. The larger the better, in our opinion; but you still need to choose a window size that melds with your kitchen.

Think about the size and shape of your kitchen
  • Is it long and narrow? A shorter window that stretches horizontally across the space could work well.
  • Have a small room? You want to maximise your area, so create a floor-to-ceiling window.
  • Do you have a large, airy room? Big, floor-length windows would look beautiful, provided you have a great view to look out onto. With large rooms, you can get away with frames that are set quite far off the ground.
  • Not much wall at all? An easy-clean skylight could be the way to go, and this is also a great option when you want another window, to let even more natural light flood in.

Window treatments

Whether you choose blinds or curtains is up to you, but blinds provide more options for lighting and privacy, while curtains can be a stylish addition.

Think about where you’re putting your blinds – their location could change the materials you choose. If you’re installing blinds or curtains right above your stove, they’ll be exposed to cooking oils, steam and smoke. Here, opt for blinds instead of curtains, as a porous material will soak up the smells and stains.

Blinds can be vertical, horizontal and made with timber, synthetics or aluminium, or they could be roller blinds, which are made from one long sheet of material.

  • Synthetic materials and aluminium are easier to clean, more durable and don’t absorb smells and stains
  • Timber is a beautiful addition to your kitchen especially if you live in a heritage building. Make sure the timber is sealed so it doesn’t absorb nasty odours.
  • Aluminium suits most design palettes and could lend an industrial edge
  • Roller blinds are simple and can come in a range of colours to suit your interior palette. You have the option of installing a recess on the ceiling that these blinds can be rolled up into for a truly minimalist look.
  • Textured or fabric blinds give you the freedom to use a favourite piece of fabric – one you picked up from your travels, perhaps? – to create a unique statement

To save a few dollars on curtains and blinds, try to select standard size window in your kitchen. 

Sit down and chat with one of our design consultants here at Apollo Kitchens for more inspiration and expert assistance for every aspect of your kitchen.

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