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Essential Small Appliances for Your Kitchen

Once you’ve kitted out your kitchen with the fundamentals – like your dishwasher, fridge, oven – it’s time to move on to those handy, smaller bench-top appliances that can make your time spent in the kitchen more efficient – and more enjoyable!

With end-of-year sales now upon us, it’s a great time to pick up savings on kitchen items you’ve been meaning to purchase. But with so many different gadgets now available, it can be hard to determine which ones you might want to start with.

Here’s what we recommend to start your small appliance collection:

Slow Cooker

The lazy cook’s best friend, the slow cooker will become one of your most-used appliances in no time. The beauty of the slow cooker is in its ability to turn your ingredients into delicious, tender and flavoursome meals – with minimal effort.

Just throw your ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning before heading off to work, and come home to one of the tastiest meals you’ll ever eat.

Slow cookers often come with a delayed start setting, meaning you can always time your dishes to be ready just as you get home.

Top slow cooker dishes:

  • Casseroles
  • Curries
  • Pulled meats
  • Soups


Sure, you probably already have one of these that’s been doing the job well enough. But modern microwaves have come leaps and bounds in terms of their capabilities, so if yours is just managing the basic functions it may be due for an upgrade.

The main difference with a newer microwave is the power – you’ll notice that whether you’re defrosting, reheating or cooking, you can get through these tasks much quicker.

A new microwave also has additional settings that let you control the power used along with other settings, allowing you to adjust the cooking style depending on what foods you’re cooking.

Food Processor

Often, half the time we spend getting a meal ready is used up on the preparation of ingredients. Shredding, grating, pureeing – say goodbye to these menial tasks, as the food processor can do it all.

Look for a model that has plenty of attachments available – even if you’re not looking to purchase them now, it will be a lot easier down the track if you are looking to expand your culinary abilities. What you’ll love to use your food processor for:

  • Making breadcrumbs
  • Homemade dips and nut butters
  • Mincing meat
  • Slicing vegetables

Honourable Mentions

  • Coffee Machine: Mornings will be a lot easier when your barista is waiting down in the kitchen! Pick up a pod machine for convenience.
  • Electric Scales: Forget trying to convert measurements or guessing how much of what goes in your recipe – electric scales ensure you get the right amount, every time.
  • Stand Mixer: At-home bakers have listed this as their must-have item in the kitchen. Fold, beat, whip and more with this versatile machine.
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