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Everything You Need to Know About Shaker Style Kitchens

Shaker is one of the most popular kitchen renovation styles of 2019. But what is a shaker kitchen and how do you get the look? Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about shaker kitchens. But first, a history lesson.


What is shaker furniture?

Shaker furniture is a style of furniture originally created by the members of an American Christian group called Shakers. Based on their beliefs, Shakers designed furniture to be simple and purposeful.

Shaker furniture has since become a popular yet classic style. It’s characterised by its simple beauty and through its design elements. This furniture is not ornamental and can suit many different styles of home.


Why have a shaker kitchen?

Shaker kitchens are popular because they have a charming design. In addition to this, they’re also easy to live in and extremely functional. It’s an effortless, modest and timeless look.

Shaker style is also highly versatile. With its simple yet attractive qualities, it can suit both modern and traditional homes. The furniture can easily be dressed up or down according to the occasion. Shaker furniture matches other styles such as coastal, contemporary, country and chic.


How to design a shaker style kitchen



If you want to create the shaker style, the first place to start is the kitchen joinery. Shaker cabinets are instantly recognisable, with their recessed doors and characteristic wooden knobs.

Installing shaker cabinets will instantly give you the shaker look. From there, you can opt for other matching elements around the kitchen.



Shakers tended to use local timbers in their kitchen joinery design. For a classic shaker look, go for American woods like pine, maple, walnut and cherry. 

That said, any natural wood will give you the shaker look, including oak, mahogany and rosewood. In addition to wooden cabinets, doors and window frames, you can achieve the shaker look with wooden benchtops, stools and chairs.



Original shaker furniture was crafted from woods, allowing the natural colours to dominate. Today’s popular shaker style has evolved to incorporate any light or natural tones and light tints. Beiges and clay colours achieve the shaker style, as do fairly dull colours like aubergine and duck egg.



Wooden flooring is the obvious choice here. But an earthy coloured and textured tile can work equally as well.


Creative takes on shaker design


While traditional shaker furniture avoided paint and colour, deep colour will give you a contemporary take on the shaker look. Pale tones are true to the shaker ethos, but mixing things up with greens, blues and other non-neutral colours can give your shaker kitchen real character.



While shaker cabinets were typically made with wooden handles or pulls, you can modernise the look by using metal. Depending on whether you’re going for a contemporary or classic look for your kitchen design, you may choose sleek stainless steel or vintage-looking brass.


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