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Get Set for Spring with Nature-inspired Hues

Spring is just around the corner. Get set for the change of seasons by embracing nature inspired hues with your kitchen design ideas. In 2020, forest green is trending in modern kitchen schemes across the globe. Think tones of olive, moss, and leafy greens. Variations of green can go perfectly with earthy and warm tones inside the kitchen. Deep green also pairs perfectly with older-style houses as more and more kitchen owners embrace the traditional country style and Scandi design looks that have dominated the kitchen design trends of the past decade. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few Sydney kitchen renovation ideas that will be sure to change your mind and get you running to the paint store. 



Dark mossy green is perfect on cabinets as it creates the appearance of a larger, more sophisticated kitchen space. Deep dark green also creates warmth which is perfect for older homes or kitchens with a variety of vintage fittings. Consider brass handles for your cabinets to contrast deep green hues. 


If this idea is a bit too bold for you, take one aspect of the kitchen such as the central cabinet or pantry and paint it a dark shade of green. This way you’ll create a striking contrast in the centre of the room, that acts as the hero of the kitchen.



Too much white in the kitchen is never a good idea for those who do not have the time to religiously clean every day or those with young families. 


Consider a forest green featured splashback. A dark green colour will show less dirt and fingerprints than black and will stand out against cream and white palettes to give greater depth to the kitchen. Tiles are also incredibly easy to spray and wipe down. A favourite splashback look of ours in 2020 is forest green subway tiles placed against the entire wall of the kitchen and behind the oven and bench space. 


Tiled floors have made a comeback in recent years, with larger sheet styles dominating design trends. Play around with adding tones of green to the tiling on the floors of your kitchen. Tiling can be made up of multiple colours and patterns and is a great way to show your personality. For ideas, search for green geometric floor tiling. 



Painting your kitchen walls is one of the most cost-effective ways to add a splash of colour to your modern kitchen design. 

A forest green feature wall might be just what you need to change up the kitchen environment in time for Spring and will go perfectly with your indoor plants. Alternatively, make use of olive coloured wallpaper and trimmings to add hints of luxuriousness to your kitchen. 



More and more, modern kitchens see the use of cooler coloured floorboards such as grey and light blonde oaks. Incorporating green tones in your new kitchen’s flooring is a great way to make a statement without pulling complete focus in the space. Darker floorboards in tones of grey and green give the kitchen greater dimension and show less dirt and grime on the surface.




Forest green goes together perfectly with ornate gold, cream and marble, as well as earth tones. Pairing marble – which has become synonymous with modern kitchen design – and forest green, creates a hybrid style design with touches of old and new. By contrasting colours and finishes, you will create an ultra-dynamic kitchen design. 


Furniture and finishings

If you are still not ready to go the whole way with forest green we suggest you shop for lamps, kitchenware, vases or artworks in greens to be an early adopter of this colourway. 


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