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Why Great Kitchen Designs Focus on More than Just Aesthetics

Whilst we all want a kitchen we can be proud to show off to friends and family, we have to remember that a great kitchen means far more than just an aesthetically-pleasing design. It’s no use having a stylish island, marble benchtop and chrome fridge if they ruin the functionality of the space.

It may sound cliché, but when designing the perfect kitchen, you need to master the balance between form and function. You want the kitchen to look good but that simply serves no purpose if you find yourself running into other people, digging through drawers for hard to reach items and preparing food on a counterspace smaller than your chopping board.

Apollo Kitchens has put together a guide for creating this rewarding balance between style and practicality, because we want your kitchen to look stunning whilst benefiting your cooking.

Read on to find out how to create a kitchen you’re proud to show off and absolutely adore cooking in.

Think Layout First 

The layout is the main concern for designing a highly functional, ergonomic kitchen. You need ample space to move and prepare food, and without careful consideration the design can be ruined and your movements obstructed.

The first mistake people make when designing a kitchen is the obstruction of what is known as ‘the triangle’. This is the sink, stove and refrigerator, and they should always have easy access to one another. The sink receives most of the action before and after cooking, and therefore should have a direct view to the fridge and stove.

One thing we always advocate installing at Apollo Kitchens, and one thing that can help with movement between the triangle, is a U-shaped kitchen island with modular shelving. The U-shape will allow the person doing the cooking to stand unobstructed whilst others can move around them. Not only this, they provide a great amount of counterspace, as well as storage space and, of course, a breakfast bar on the other side. 

Whilst you’re thinking about your layout you must consider efficient storage. A great design aspect to come to the forefront in recent years is the carousel cabinet. The carousel is pulled out from the inner section of the cabinet, with the cooking items placed on the carousel and easy to access. This nifty little design aspect saves the back-breaking experience of having to rummage through lower cabinets trying to find particular items. 

Lighting is Pivotal 

A functional kitchen cannot exist without proper lighting. In the kitchen, there are four different types of lighting that illuminate the space and create a functional yet stylish aesthetic: task, ambient, decorative and accent lighting. Whilst ambient, decorative and accent lighting are important for displaying the features of the kitchen, task lighting is the most important for ensuring visibility when cooking.

Task lighting ensures that your space is illuminated and you can complete specific cooking tasks with ease and vision. The perfect example of efficient task lighting is under cabinet lighting. These are strategically placed underneath the overhead cabinetry where food preparation takes place and allow for ample lighting when cooking.

Another great use of task lights (and one that doubles as decorative) are cabinet lights. These lights sit within each cabinet and are perfectly coupled with clear glass cabinet windows. These lights not only allow you to clearly see what you are looking for but also create a stylish aesthetic when using the kitchen or entertaining. 

Appliances and Efficiency 

Effective appliances are pivotal to a functional kitchen. One thing that definitely enhances the functionality of a kitchen is ensuring your appliances are paired with their corresponding product. For example, keep your coffee mugs above or below your coffee maker, and the same with the coffee itself. This will ensure your morning coffee making is a smooth and relaxing process. The same goes for cooking essentials (oil, salt, pepper etc.) being next to the stove, ready to use.

There are a range of appliances that make easy-care in the kitchen a breeze. These include:

  • Flat glass cooktop: You know that annoying cooktop with the metal that needs to be pulled out every time you clean it? Forget about it – a flat glass ceramic cooktop ensures ease of cleaning.
  • On-Counter Garage: These make for easy storage of appliances you do not always need to use. The garage allows you to store the appliance and once stored, opens free counter space.
  • Pot/Utensil Racks: These are necessity for someone waning to optimise the space in their kitchen. A pot/utensil rack allows you to hang these items above the counter where you can quickly grab them when about to cook.
  • Tray Storage Cabinet: We all know the nuisance of having your trays share the same place as pots – it’s an absolute nightmare. A tray storage cabinet allows your baking trays, chopping boards, pizza pans and more sit comfortably and easily accessed.

We’re Here to Help 

Need some assistance in creating your functional yet stylish kitchen? That’s what we’re here for. Apollo Kitchens is the leader in creating kitchen designs that are not only amazing to look at, but are perfect for cooking efficiently and without clutter.

Give us a call on 1300 90 80 90 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will assist you with your enquiries for designing a kitchen of the utmost practicality.

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