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Green Kitchens: How Developers Can Implement Sustainable Kitchen Design

As the importance of environmentally friendly and sustainable practices continues to grow, the construction industry is no exception.

Developers and homeowners alike are becoming more aware of the implications that kitchen choices can have for the environment, both during manufacture and installation, as well as their design and ongoing use. Showcasing the sustainability considerations of your development to potential buyers is crucial in distinguishing it within the market.

As such, it’s increasingly important for developers to make informed choices about their kitchen supplier and the designs they use. Here are a few of the key considerations to look for when taking a green approach to the kitchens in your development.

Sustainable processes

Sustainability starts at home – and for kitchen manufacturers, this is all about the processes adopted and championed in their factories and warehouses. The amount of waste that a supplier generates – and the energy used in the process – can often undo any more visible sustainability efforts.

At Apollo Kitchens’ Smart Factory, the cabinet offcuts are recycled and used to generate heat using an onsite furnace. The energy produced from the furnace, is used in the drying process of our coatings division, improving efficiency through environmentally-minded practices. In doing so, we are minimise landfill prone waste and significantly reducing logistical emissions.

Be committed to reducing your environmental footprint by implementing
effective recycling methods.

We also utilise Smart Switches to control the activation of our machinery. Not only do these Switches help to ensure machines aren’t consuming energy when not in use, reducing overall energy usage; they also provide us with insights into machinery performance levels for optimal usage and efficiency.

The Apollo Kitchens’ Smart Factory is a new purpose built facility containing eco-friendly materials and the latest energy efficient technologies. By utilising automated lighting controls and energy monitoring tools, we are able to keep energy usage minimal.

Eco-friendly suppliers

When you enter into business with a kitchen provider, you’re also involving the services of that provider’s suppliers. From materials to appliances, there are many other businesses contributing to your final kitchen design; so it’s important to know that the sustainable views of the kitchens company are shared by their suppliers, too.

Apollo Kitchens takes particular care in selecting suppliers of timber, a popular material in many of our designs. We work with like-minded timber suppliers who support responsible forest management, demonstrating and documenting this approach in line with globally recognised certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification.

We are also proud to partner with eco-friendly appliance companies, whose products reflect a green mindset. Whether this be through their use of recyclable materials in their design, or commitment to minimise water and energy consumption of their appliances; we ensure that the products installed in an Apollo Kitchens design will continue to deliver on our sustainability promise for years to come.

Investing in a sustainable future

Appliances aren’t the only eco-friendly gift you can impart on your homebuyers. Incorporating adequate ventilation, maximising natural light, introducing smart lighting and using high-quality materials are all elements of your design that your kitchen provider should deliver. Delivering these elements will ensure that your development has a sustainable lifespan, and that homeowners are set up to continue these practices with as little of an impact to their routine as possible.

Take advantage of natural light!

Apollo Kitchens is an industry leader of sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen design. Our Smart Factory allows us to be at the forefront of sustainability in the industry, providing high quality kitchens on a large scale while minimising our environmental impact. Get in touch with us to discuss how Apollo Kitchens can contribute to your upcoming development or project.

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