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5 Elements You Need to Nail the Hamptons Kitchen Style

While we’ve seen many kitchen styles fall in and out of favour over our fifty years in the industry, the Hamptons style has always been one of the most popular choices. 

And with good reason – inspired by the signature style of beach houses in upstate New York’s getaway area of the same name, the Hamptons style has come to embody everything we love about coastal chic with a timeless twist.

While there are many ways to interpret this design style in 2022, there are a few signature elements that distinguish a Hamptons kitchen from other coastal aesthetics.

Here are the five elements we recommend including in your upcoming renovation to nail the Hamptons style.



1. White colour palette

As is the case with many coastal design styles, the Hamptons kitchen is traditionally built on a white palette. Capturing as much natural light as possible, a white base is immediately reminiscent of life by the beach. 

If stark white doesn’t appeal to you, opt for a warmer off-white or cream base. Alternatively, if you prefer a splash of colour in your kitchen, light pastel tones also lend well to the Hamptons look. 

Both of these options will give your space a more lived-in feel, and may integrate more seamlessly with the surrounding rooms in your home than a bright white palette.


2. Statement lighting

Lighting is a key element of any Hamptons kitchen, as much about the look and finish of the fixtures as their functionality.

Oversized, textured pendant lighting is the perfect way to invoke the timeless chic of this style – textures like linen, wicker and cane are all trending in their own right and can help to diffuse light throughout your space. 

Tie in these natural materials to the rest of your kitchen with complementary decor – bonus points for any nautical elements.

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3. Subway splashback

Subway tiles are a perfect choice for your Hamptons-inspired splashback. While white is the obvious choice here, subway tiles are available in a wide range of colours and shapes to suit your look.

A pastel colour is a nice way to break up a predominantly white kitchen; as is a light grey, or a mosaic of different tones. This will look uniform at a distance, but creates a point of interest with a closer look.

Alternatively, go for a darker navy or charcoal to create a striking contrast that still plays into the warmth of the style. You can also play around with the colour of your grout depending on your preferences. 


4. Textured benchtop

There are two benchtop materials traditionally characteristic of a Hamptons kitchen – marble and timber.

A marble-look benchtop amps up the drama and sophistication of your space, and is a timeless look. It’s relatively easy to clean and maintain, too, if you’re not looking for any extra maintenance. You can achieve this with genuine marble or stone, or look to options like laminate for a more cost-effective material.

On the other hand, a timber finish continues the coastal theme and will tie together the other natural textures you’ve used in your kitchen. This will require a little extra maintenance, however, as this surface isn’t as stain- or scratch-resistant as other materials. 

5. Shaker cabinets

‘Shaker’ style cabinetry is a classic look, recognisable by its inset panel within the cupboard door.

Use this profile throughout your upper and lower cabinetry, and complement with similar ornamentation along the sides of your island bench.

Whether you’re looking to update your home with a Hamptons kitchen or another design style, our team can help you to incorporate the latest trends, while ensuring your kitchen’s design will look good for years to come. 

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