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Here’s What a Hamptons Style Kitchen Looks Like for 2021

While it’s true that kitchen design fads come and go, there are some trends that have truly withstood the test of time. 

Hamptons style – named for the beautiful coastal homes on the USA’s east coast – made the jump to Australian kitchens decades ago, and has been a staple choice for homeowners ever since. 

The style has undergone a few evolutions in the years since, however – and while it may be an older trend, there are lots of ways to incorporate a modern Hamptons kitchen style in your home. 



One of the most recognisable elements of Hamptons style kitchens in Sydney is the joinery. Shaker style cabinets are synonymous with this trend, identifiable by their recessed centre panelling. 

Make it modern by veering away from traditional all-white colour palettes, and instead incorporating a two-tone colour scheme for your cabinetry. 

A darker colour on the bottom such as a powdery blue or greige complements lighter tones above the bench, which help to make the space feel open and spacious. 

Pair with modern door hardware in matte black or polished gold. 


Statement sink 

An iconic staple of the Hamptons kitchen style, a butler’s sink is a popular choice with homeowners for its functionality. 

The wide and deep trough makes it easy to wash larger platters or dishes, perfect for entertainers – likely a reflection of the homes the style originated in. 

While ceramic is the traditional material for a Hamptons kitchen style sink with the front exposed, don’t be afraid to opt for a stainless steel finish integrated into your bench. The size and depth of your sink are the elements you won’t want to skip out on, offering both form and function. 



Pendant lighting is synonymous with this trend, and any Hamptons style kitchen in Sydney will want to incorporate it to at least some degree. 

Pendant lights are a great way to introduce additional light over an island bench or dining table. Opt for oversized fixtures in a texture like wicker for a modern touch. 



A traditional Hamptons inspired kitchen calls for a tiled splashback, with white subway tiles a popular choice. 

Add a modern twist by introducing colour to your splashback tiles – a lighter shade of your cabinetry hue can help to tie the space together.

You can also play around with the size and shape of your tiling to put your own spin on the Hamptons trend. 



As an island bench is usually the centrepiece of a Hamptons-style kitchen, the stools you choose to pair with it also contribute to the overall look and feel of your space. 

While upholstered, light fabrics may fit the image of a Hamptons kitchen you have in your head, these materials usually aren’t practical for the space and can create a lot of maintenance to keep them clean. 

Instead, opt for a coastal feel through materials like rattan or light-toned timber.

If comfort is a concern, consider pillows or fabrics designed for outdoors that are easy to wash. 



Timber flooring is the typical choice for kitchens in this style, and lighter colours of wood are traditionally used.

In modern Hamptons style, however, there’s a lot more flexibility to opt for a darker wood if this suits your design tastes. In conjunction with darker cabinets for your under-bench storage, this can help to balance your space – plus, it’s a more forgiving option when it comes to keeping the floors clean.


Your friendly team of design experts at Apollo Kitchens have helped numerous Sydney homeowners achieve their own Hamptons style kitchens – reach out to us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your kitchen renovation in Sydney. 

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