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Photo of home design on Apollo Kitchens project at Aqualuna in North Sydney

Home Design Rules to Live by in 2023

When it comes to ‘rules’ for home design, there are none in terms of how it looks – your personal preference around colour schemes, styles and decor are all completely up to your own taste. 

In terms of guiding a renovation project, however, over our years in the business we’ve designed a set of overarching principles that result in a successful outcome, no matter the look or style of the end result. 

Read on for our top ten basic tenets of home design to help you create the perfect kitchen.


1. Planning

Our first non-negotiable when it comes to updating your home designplanning time before any tools are lifted. 

The planning stage is crucial to make sure you get the most from your investment, and avoid rushing into decisions that can be costly to walk back later.

Are you looking to update the layout of a room for improved functionality, or are you more concerned with a design refresh?

Understanding the goals of your renovation will be helpful to come back to throughout the process.


2. Comfort

While using design references and trends can be a great starting point for any renovation, it’s important not to forget about your own design personality.

Ask each family member what their favourite thing about the room in question is, or the one feature they’d change if they had the choice. 


3. Function

Similarly, a space that looks great but is impossible to use may create more problems than it solves. 

In your new home design, think about how you use the space and ensure you account for things like cupboard doors opening in a bedroom or bathroom, and bench space next to the cooktop and sink in kitchens and laundries.


4. Lighting

Your lighting design can be an underrated part of making your home design feel functional and comfortable.

Consider using varied light sources. Natural light can play a large role in preventing the space from feeling flat, while strip lighting beneath your cupboards and along kickboards, and feature pendants above the island allow for dynamic levels of lighting throughout the day.


5. Colour

Colour doesn’t have to mean a vibrant palette – however, it is important to think about how your colour scheme impacts the feel of your space.

Neutrals can be deceiving in that their undertones can often make the paint look very different if it’s paired with a contrasting colour. 

Paints can also look very different under natural light compared to how they look with all the lights on.


Want to see how these elements all come together? Download our renovation eBook for your complete guide to kitchen design tips and trends.


6. Flow

The concept of flow is all about how your home design works when people are moving through it – making it one of the trickiest elements to plan well. 

In a kitchen, for example, there’s the flow of cooking in itself – the positioning of your key appliances in relation to bench space and the sink, for example – along with how the kitchen plays with other rooms in your home.


7. Size

It’s important to think about the size of each element on your floor plan, and their placement in relation to one another (in conjunction with your considerations around flow). 

You need to allow approximately 600mm for benchtops, for example – plus ideally at least 1000mm (if not 1200mm) in between for easy movement through a space.


8. Balance

As the home design process involves so many moving parts, it’s easy to forget about how a space works as a whole.

Take a step back and think about what will make your room feel like a cohesive space. If you have timber-look joinery in a kitchen or bathroom, perhaps your bench stools or storage baskets will be in a similar finish.


9. Lifestyle

The role of the room you are renovating plays in your family’s lifestyle is crucial for planning its layout and features. 

If your kids like to sit with you in the kitchen to complete their homework, then a breakfast bar could help keep them out from under your feet.


10. Styling

Last but not least – how you’ll decorate your space is a feature that’s often left until the last minute, but should be thought of as part of your new home design.

Consider how walls can be utilised for a statement artwork, or perhaps open shelving will serve as both form and function. 

These small elements of personality will make all the difference in making your new room feel like home.


Need a little more help to plan your kitchen, bathroom or laundry update? The team at Apollo Kitchens is here to help. Contact us for an obligation-free consultation, or visit a showroom to learn how we can help you.

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