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Home Design Trends to Say Goodbye to in 2022

When planning a new build or home renovation, trends are always a great source of inspiration to get ideas for the design, palette, fittings and fixtures you’ll adopt. 

Earlier this year in our blog, we took a look at the design styles, palettes and elements that will be popular in 2022; but it’s just as important to be aware of the trends that are on their way out. 

To get the best return on investment, it’s a good idea to opt for emerging trends or timeless kitchen designs in Sydney. 

Avoid the risk of your new look feeling dated in just a matter of months and check out our list of the interior trends we’ll be waving goodbye to this year. 


Modern farmhouse 

Characterised by statement shiplap, matte black fixtures, exposed timber beams or wooden benchtops and a white palette throughout, modern farmhouse decor surged in popularity at the tail end of the last decade. 

Its marriage of old and new, rustic and contemporary design styles gave this design style a wide appeal and was an easy way to add country charm to homes of all sizes. 

In the early 2020s, however, we’ve seen the style become overdone in interior and kitchen designs in Sydney. Applied to suburban homes and apartments, modern farmhouse began to feel out of place and lose the charm that it was known for. Once form begins to take priority over function, it’s time to say goodbye. 

One element of modern farmhouse design isn’t going anywhere in 2022, however, and that’s its use of natural materials. Keep the timber in elements like floorboards and your benchtops, but ditch the white walls for an earthy palette and swap matte black finishes for polished metal. 


Minimalist decor

If we’re being honest, minimalist home styling has been on the way out for a few years now. Our time spent at home during the pandemic highlighted how empty of character the minimalist style can be, and had us looking for ways to inject personality into our spaces. 

Less is not more in 2022; instead, opt for an eclectic mix of styling pieces that tell the story of your household. Artworks, sculptures, glass vases and textiles like rugs and cushions will all help to fill out your space and create a warm and welcoming environment. 


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All-white kitchens

The all-white colour scheme has been one of the most popular choices for kitchen designs in Sydney for well over a decade, but we’re calling it – this style’s days are numbered. 

Again, this trend now feels dull and devoid of any warmth or personality. We no longer want to live in the pages of a magazine; or rather, today’s magazines are showcasing a completely different interior style to what we’ve considered popular in the past. 

If you’re attached to a white palette, play with patterns, shades and textures to create dynamics and focal points in your kitchen. 

A scalloped backsplash, marble benchtop and panelled cabinetry will all feel much more interesting and personal than plain white everything in your kitchen.  


Boho style

While eclectic home styling is on the rise in 2022, its boho iteration has become overdone and outdated. 

Macrame, vintage rugs and pampas grass decor will date your new interiors; but the boho spirit lives on in the mid-century modern style that’s taking its place.  

Mid-century decor offers all the warmth and personality of boho while introducing structure and shape in a way that’s on-trend. 


Industrial chic 

Just as more clinical styles like minimalism and all-white palettes are falling out of favour, so too is the industrial approach to kitchen designs in Sydney

The chef-style stainless steel benches with exposed mesh and large overhead lighting that rose to popularity in the 2010s are being replaced with more natural materials and softer finishes. 

Look to integrate appliances and conceal your rangehood within your cabinetry to avoid your kitchen feeling too cold and unlivable.


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