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How a New Kitchen Layout Can Change Your Lifestyle

A recent Houzz Kitchen Trends Study has confirmed that kitchen renovation can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Read on to find out how. 


Decrease clutter

60% of Australians who renovated their kitchens made their kitchens bigger. Older, smaller kitchens can be hard to work in and create a lot of clutter. While newer larger kitchens are easier to keep clean and organised, leading to a healthier, stress-free lifestyle.

Aside from size, kitchen design is also important for decluttering. By updating your kitchen to the right shape, you can make cooking and cleaning an easier and more pleasurable experience. Most Australians preferred the following layouts to minimise clutter: 

  • L-shape
  • U-shape
  • Galley

After benchtops, cabinets were the second most common major feature installed in new kitchens. The most commonly installed cabinet types included pull out waste or recycle cabinets, clutter organisers and deep drawer cabinets, all of which help with decluttering.


Encourage family time

The same research by Houzz also showed that kitchen renovations can increase social time spent with family and friends. With a kitchen design that’s more spacious and decluttered, Australians are more likely to entertain. But there are also other factors that create more time and space for socialisation.

Australians were more likely to open kitchens up to other rooms, both to the indoors and to the outdoors. This increases communal space, helping Australians to:

  •     Spend more family time in the kitchen
  •     Host more dinner parties
  •     Work or study in the kitchen more often


Promote healthy eating

Research by Houzz has also showed that over 90% of Australians who renovated their kitchens were more likely to cook at home. With new features such as spacious kitchen design, convenient layout, practical benchtops and easy to organise cabinetry, you too can cook at home more often.

By cooking at home, you can eat healthier, more nutritious food. Food from restaurants tends to be high in disease-causing saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium compared to home-cooked food. This is why cooking at home is better for your health.

Cooking at home is also good for your lifestyle in many more ways. Cooking with others is good for bonding, helping to build new friendships and strengthen relationships.


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