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How Custom Joinery Design Can Transform Your Sydney Laundry

Often an afterthought to home design, a non-functional laundry can cause headaches for years. A cramped, poorly laid out laundry can make you dread doing the chore altogether and get in and out as quickly as possible. 

Primarily thought of as a functional space, there are a multitude of ways that custom joinery in Sydney can transform your laundry to not only maximise its space and storage but into a beautiful space that matches the overall look and feel of your home. 

Here are our favourite ways to incorporate joinery solutions into our clients’ laundries.


Create additional family storage 

Laundries are often squeezed into floorplans, with many occupying long, narrow spaces that can be hard to fit any additional storage into. 

Whatever kind of square meterage you’re working with, one of the most underutilised areas of the laundry is the vertical wall space. Perfect for storage without creating additional clutter, vertical storage keeps your floors clear – particularly handy if your laundry is a thoroughfare to outside or the garage. 

Many families ask for cubby-hole-style shelving that creates extra storage for each family member. Whether it’s to house shoes, sports equipment or school bags, the laundry is a great home for items that are often used but are better kept out of sight. 


Leverage hanging space

Another way to take advantage of every inch of your laundry is to create hanging space for drying clothes with custom joinery in Sydney

Taking advantage of the ventilation in your laundry – particularly if it opens to outside – the addition of hanging racks can help to lighten your load on washing days. 

Underneath or in between upper cabinetry is the perfect place to install a hanging rack or rail. Also consider any spaces that could benefit from hanging hooks, such as the back of the door. 


Make room for laundry baskets 

Another consideration for high-traffic laundries is the storage of essential items like clothes baskets and hampers. 

Regularly used, these baskets are often large and bulky, making them awkward to store in traditional laundries. 

Whether it’s through creating custom cupboards above or adjacent to the washing machine, a designated space for rollable baskets to live, or even a laundry chute for two storey homes, custom joinery in Sydney can integrate your clothes baskets seamlessly into your laundry design.


Allow for a deeper sink 

One of the most common items on homeowners’ laundry wishlists is a deeper sink. The kind of soaking, washing and cleaning is done in the laundry calls for a more generous unit than sinks found in the bathroom or even the kitchen. This does, however, require custom joinery to accommodate the larger sink and the plumbing that goes along with it. 

Benchtops in the laundry should be 650mm deep as a minimum, but this may increase depending on the type of sink you choose. 

Bench materials like laminate are popular for their durability, and they’re relatively cost-effective to install. Stone is another low-maintenance choice that can help to create a more aesthetic space. 


Custom joinery isn’t just for kitchens – at Apollo Joinery Group, we can create bespoke joinery solutions for your upcoming home renovation project. Get in touch with us to arrange an obligation-free chat with one of our experienced designers, and see how custom joinery could help to transform your laundry. 
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