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A Healthy Start to 2019: How the Kitchen Impacts Your Lifestyle

At the start of each year, we’re often looking to set resolutions for ourselves – and these often involve leading a healthier lifestyle.

A great place to start your commitment to living healthier is in your kitchen. An emerging trend in kitchen design is the ‘wellness kitchen,’ the concept of conceptualising your kitchen around a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

We take a look at some of the elements of the wellness kitchen that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle in 2019 and beyond.

Make Healthy Choices Visible

It’s a well-known merchandising strategy – customers won’t buy what they can’t see. But this is well-rooted in psychology – we’re more likely to engage with the things right in front of us.

Influence your eating choices by putting healthy options front-and-centre.

  • Keep a fruit bowl on the bench for a convenient snack option
  • Grow some herbs on your windowsill for a healthy garnish to your meals
  • Store fresh produce on your main shelves in the fridge, rather than hiding it away in the drawers
  • Consider a fridge with glass doors or shallow shelves to keep healthy options visible

Minimal, Clean Design

Cramped, dark and cluttered kitchens are likely to lead you to mirror this feeling in your mindset. Clearing out your kitchen and focussing on the essential elements will help your mind to feel less cluttered, too.

In terms of kitchen design – an open-plan design with shelving over cabinets and clean lines help to create a calming space you’ll love to cook in.

Build Socialisation into Your Kitchen

Another way kitchens can positively impact our lifestyle is by turning them into social, collaborative hubs.

Invite others into the kitchen with designated areas for talking or working together. Different surface levels and multiple prep areas can invite an extra set of hands in the kitchen – or just some good company while you’re cooking.

Keep the Space Well-Ventilated

Lastly, one thing often overlooked in our kitchens that can have a big impact on our health is the ventilation system.

Where possible, invite fresh air into the space with windows that can be opened and closed as desired.

Your rangehood should be of good enough quality to clear the air while you’re cooking on the stove.

Having a mini kitchen garden will also help filter the air for you, letting you breathe easier in the kitchen.

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