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How to Create a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is the most utilised and potentially dangerous room in the house for your children. When your child is growing up you don’t want to miss any of the important moments. Can you design a beautiful kitchen renovation that’s kid-friendly? We say yes. Look no further than here to find out how to create a modern design and safe kitchen environment that’s child-friendly


Open Plan Kitchen Design

Space-saving is a design element that Apollo Kitchens takes into consideration. Not only is an open plan kitchen timelessly modern, but it’s easier to keep an eye on your child while they play. Setting up a working table or play corner costs next to nothing and means you’ll never miss out on any of the special moments while you’re cooking.  


Rounded edges 

This child-friendly design choice is currently trending all over the world. Round bench top ends to prevent accidents. Choose this feature and you’ll avoid bumps on heads and the tears that come with them. 


Fun-sized Furniture
Accessibility is key for saving time in the kitchen and for creating a kid-friendly space. Invest in stepping stools and tables with adjustable heights so the kids can easily seat themselves for dinner. This will also mean they can’t access the things they shouldn’t such as hot stoves when you’re not looking. This will also mean you’ll invest in a design you love and they’ll love once they’re old enough to appreciate it. 


Designated drawers
Creating a designated drawer that’s level to the ground will mean your child can easily access everything they need. Placing the harmful objects such as knives, cleaning products and matches in a top drawer with a lock can prevent you from multiple disasters and ensures the kitchen stays family-friendly at all times.  

This simple design feature is fun for the kids and useful for your grocery lists or last-minute notes to your partner. A blackboard will also encourage your kids to spend more time with you in the kitchen by using it to brainstorm lunch and dinner ideas. 

Easy to clean design
Homes should be safe for the whole family. Accidents are inevitable. Consider the durability of your benchtops, floor, and cupboards. Stone counter surfaces aren’t only modern, they’re durable and easy to clean. Invest in fun placemats to ensure that there will be no more texta stains. Avoid carpet in the kitchen and if you need to use tablecloths, magnetise or fix the ends under the table. 

Non-slip floors
As beautiful as glossy floorboards are, they make for slippery surfaces. Lay down a variety of rugs or non-slip mats to prevent slippery accidents. Steering away from polishing and waxing the floor will also prevent a fall, keeping the kitchen family-friendly


Temporary gates
Children are curious and once they see something that’s new and shiny it’s most likely they’ll want to play with it. A temporary gate will keep your mind at ease while cooking. This measure prevents any crawling or wandering around on the floor. This family-friendly measure means no children or pets will be accidentally harmed in the process of cooking a delicious dinner. 


Switch it off
Unplug and pack away all appliances after use. Getting in the habit of doing this will prevent switched on toasters, microwaves, and kettles. Don’t forget to turn all pot handles to the back of the stove, far away from children’s reach. This isn’t only child-friendly but will reduce your electricity use, a win-win. 


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