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How to Create a Smart Kitchen in 2022

With the kitchen being one of the most-used rooms in the home, not to mention one of the most appliance-heavy, it’s been a prime candidate for technical intervention. And after spending more time at home, more time preparing family meals and more time completing the same repetitive steps in this process, it’s no surprise that we’ve been eyeing smart kitchens as a means of lightening our load. 

Integrating technology like wifi and app functionality into elements such as your appliances and lighting, a smart kitchen looks to automate everything from turning the oven on to reminding you that food in the fridge is about to expire. 

Offering convenience, time-saving and potentially even lower energy bills, a smart kitchen should be on your wishlist the next time you’re visiting kitchen showrooms in Sydney

Keep reading as we take a look at the latest elements that might feature in your smart kitchen in 2022. 


Wifi-connected whitegoods 

Big-ticket appliances are among the most used in the kitchen and offer some of the most comprehensive (and useful!) technology in the smart space. 

Ovens offer features like app control, meaning you can preheat your oven on the way home from work; right through to remote cameras so you can check on your dish as it’s cooking. You can even get notified when your meal is ready and say goodbye to burnt dinners for good. 

Once your smart fridge is linked to wifi, a whole host of features become available. Get notified if someone’s left the fridge door open; get a reminder when food is about to expire, and automatically make more ice if you’re running low. 

Even the humble dishwasher can be given a smart upgrade. Start cycles from anywhere with just a few taps in the app, or link to your voice-activated device for hands-free dishwashing. 

With new innovative appliances hitting the market all the time, visiting kitchen showrooms in Sydney is your best bet to compare different models and make sure you’re investing in the best tech for your needs. 


Smart lighting control 

Kitchen lighting has never really been a case of one size fits all, and technology has finally caught up to provide the flexibility and dynamic lighting needed in a functional space. 

Eliminating the need for multiple switches throughout your kitchen to control the lighting level at any given time, a smart lighting system lets you pre-program different lighting ‘scenes’ to suit the time of day or occasion. 

You could program a ‘night cooking’ scene, where overhead LEDs might be at 50% brightness but task lighting underneath your upper cabinetry is illuminated. 

Smart lighting gives you control over not only the brightness of your lighting, but the temperature too – you might opt for a bright white light while cooking, and for a warmer yellow light for ambiance while entertaining. 


Smart technology is just the beginning when it comes to kitchen design trends for 2022. For a complete guide to what’s trending in layouts, lighting, colour palettes, appliances and more, download our eBook.

Voice control 

Bringing your smart lighting and appliances together, voice control lets you harness all the functionality of this technology without lifting a finger. 

All you need is to connect your appliances to wifi and use a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa to create commands like ‘pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees’ or ‘start the dishwasher. 

Installing smart speakers throughout your kitchen means you can also utilise your voice device no matter where you’re working. Your voice assistant can guide you through a recipe as you cook, turn down the lights as you walk in from outside or play music when your guests arrive. 

If you utilise these speakers throughout your home, you can enjoy this same convenience from any room – and even let the rest of the family know when dinner’s ready. 



Another convenient feature of a smart kitchen is the ability to use motion sensors in areas like the pantry or butler’s pantry for hands-free lighting. Especially when you have arms full of groceries, the last thing you want to do is to be fumbling for the light switch – sensors make this a thing of the past. 


The possibilities of smart kitchens are endless, and the capabilities of this technology are growing every day. The team at our kitchen showrooms in Sydney can help you create a kitchen completely tailored to your needs, utilising smart technology for a convenient and efficient living – visit us at one of our locations to see how we can help.
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