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How to Design a Kitchen That Sells Your Home

Planning on selling your home in the near future? Your kitchen design in Sydney is one of the biggest make-or-break elements when it comes to potential buyers. 

Whether you’re getting ready to put your house on the market or considering selling further down the track, a clever kitchen renovation can add a wealth of value to your home. 

As kitchen specialists, we’ve helped countless homeowners update their kitchens to appeal to home buyers – here are our top suggestions to maximise your return on investment when it comes to renovating your kitchen. 


Match your home

When it comes time to renovate your Sydney kitchen design, your first thought may be to opt for a trending design – but it’s important that your updated space still matches the look and feel of the rest of your home. 

A sleek and modern kitchen in a traditional cottage home for example can make the rest of the house look dated. 

This doesn’t mean that your new kitchen has to lack vibrancy and style  – use Pinterest or Houzz to find styles that will suit your home, and appeal to buyers in the area.


Design for a demographic

Look at the design of your home and figure out which demographic is going to want to buy it. Is it a large and spacious home for a growing family? Or is it a small cosy cottage suited to downsizers? 

Design your new kitchen for your home’s relevant demographic. For example, if you have a young family, you want to create a kitchen that is spacious enough to have more than one person in it prepping food at any time. You might then opt for a no-frills kitchen joinery design that is durable and easy to clean, with hardwood floors and marble benchtops.

When the time comes to sell, your personal style could turn potential buyers away, so err on the side of being conservative when it comes to kitchen joinery and permanent fixtures. Your kitchen specialists can provide guidance on which elements you can afford to customise if you won’t be selling immediately.


Prioritise layout

If you’re creating a completely new kitchen layout with your renovation, consider current design trends and tips for the best kitchen layout. Open-plan kitchens wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t functional – and often kitchens with an open plan layout will fetch more at the sale.

The layout you choose will also dictate whether you can include certain features like a kitchen island or a breakfast bar. Deciding your layout should be the first thing you do when planning your new Sydney kitchen design, so you can then design other integral features with this in mind.


Create enough space

Homebuyers love storage, especially in areas of the house like the kitchen that gets a lot of use. If you’ve got a small space to work with, creating storage will add instant value to your home.

Opt for custom kitchen cabinets with specialised additions that make the most out of every inch of your space – think pull-out cupboards, under sink storage and corner units for those hard-to-reach spots. Our team of kitchen specialists can help to create a custom storage solution that’s unique to your home.


Perfect lighting

Lighting is an essential part of your kitchen design, but one that’s often forgotten. Simple updates to your light fixtures or adding in some additional lighting can have a huge impact on your space and add instant value. Click here to access our exclusive kitchen design trends guide.

Map out different points in your kitchen joinery before choosing lighting to ensure the space is lit correctly. Task lighting goes above high-frequency food prep areas for safety; overall ambience should come from dimmable downlights or similar, and mood lighting can come in the form of decorative pendants.

Ready to get started on creating the kitchen that sells your home? Contact us for a consultation today.


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