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How to Mix Contemporary with Classic for the Ideal Kitchen

Looking for a kitchen that’s as functional as it is stylish? One of the benefits of custom made kitchens and joinery is being able to mix and match traditional and modern design elements for a kitchen that suits your needs.

Also known as transitional style, these designs offer the best of both worlds. All the versatility, storage and innovative features of today’s kitchens, with the charm and character of classic style. 

Wondering how to strike the perfect balance in your transitional kitchen design? Read on to discover the elements to incorporate for your perfect kitchen.


Opt for minimalist-style joinery

Nail the timeless feel of your kitchen by keeping your joinery simple. Traditional cabinetry can begin to look dated over time, so go for shaker-style cupboards or simple panelling that will withstand the test of time. 

The clean lines of minimal joinery also pair well with just about any design style, so you can easily mix and match your finishes and fixtures to achieve the look you want in your space.

Open shelving can also look great in a transitional kitchen. Doubling as both a storage solution and additional display space, open shelving can help to keep your benchtops free while adding interest to space with accessories.


Incorporate classic elements through styling

With your joinery providing the perfect blank canvas, give the nod to traditional style through your kitchen decor. 

Ranging from temporary elements like jars and chopping boards through to larger pieces like your kitchen chairs and light fixtures, decor can have a significant impact on the feel of your kitchen.

Smaller pieces like these are easy to swap out as your design preferences change, giving you that new kitchen feeling without needing to overhaul your space entirely. 

Think storage jars on your benchtop, a country-style dining table, traditional door hardware or classic pendant lighting over your island bench for the perfect mix of old and new styles.


Keep your colour palette light 

One of the benefits of custom made kitchens and joinery is having complete control over how colour is used in your space. 

A neutral, airy colour palette is our top suggestion for your transitional kitchen design.

Your benchtops, cabinetry and flooring make up the majority of surface space in your kitchen and have the biggest visual impact. Keeping these elements neutral will help to make the most of natural light – a big plus when it comes to functionality – and make your kitchen feel bigger.

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, though – far from it. Incorporate pops of brass in your finishes for a touch of classic elegance, and to prevent the space from feeling washed out.


Embrace natural textures

Natural materials aren’t just the perfect complement to your colour palette; they also help to bring warmth to the space and make your kitchen feel more dynamic. 

Use textures like timber, concrete or stone to create accents without being distracting or feeling cluttered. A polished stone splashback or timber island benchtop will help to break up the space without taking away from your overall look and feel.

Timber flooring is also a staple feature of transitional kitchens – not only is it neutral, but it’s also easy to clean and flows into surrounding spaces of your home. Lay your floorboards in a herringbone pattern for another subtle nod to the classic design. 


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