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How to Optimise the Space Under Your Sink

You may think the kitchen cupboards below your sink are uninhabitable, dead space. This could be because your sink itself is quite deep, making the drain pipe sit low in the kitchen cupboard and take up prime real estate. This in turn affects the way you store the cupboard’s contents – usually cleaning goods. If your under sink is a mess of dishwashing tablets, scrubbing brushes and rolls of garbage bags, you need a new system. Read on for our top five ways to get the most out of this space.


First of all, declutter

There’s no doubt, one of the main reasons your under sink cupboard seems so daunting is because you’ve likely thrown items in it without too much thought, causing a mess of bottles, wipes and other wares.

If you’ve got five almost-empty bottles of spray & wipe, combine the contents into one bottle. Reduce the contents of this kitchen cupboard down to what actually belongs in it. That means returning anything you may have haphazardly thrown inside to its usual home. Use this declutter as an opportunity to give the cupboard a good wipe-down and keep it as sanitary as possible. 


Use wire baskets or shelves

A low-cost solution for keeping this cupboard in order, that doesn’t necessitate a complete kitchen renovation, is wire baskets or modular shelving. These can usually be purchased at a storage store, such as Kmart. The good thing about baskets is that you’re not limited to just one size or shape, meaning this is a completely customisable solution. Clear perspex containers will also work well as you’ll be able to clearly identify what you’re storing. Tiered wire shelving is another option for increasing visibility inside the kitchen cupboard.


Don’t forget about the door

The back of your cupboard door is a great place to store smaller, high-use items like clean sponges, garbage bags and dishwashing tablets. Installing a small wire basket on the back of the door means these items remain within reach and easy to find. A small rail is also convenient for things like tea towels, cloths and dishwashing brushes. 


A hassle-free solution is over-door baskets and rails, which simply hang on the door, without the need for screws or damaging your kitchen cupboard.


Install custom drawers

Reaching into the very back of your kitchen cupboard is never an easy task, especially when it’s down so low. There are plenty of options nowadays for custom drawer solutions, like U-shaped drawers and wire pull-out drawers that make storage that bit easier. Opting for a pull-out storage system for your frequently-used items will save you time, and save your back from bending to access items in hard-to-reach corners. Most kitchen manufacturers will offer custom storage solutions as add-ons to your kitchen renovation.


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