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Incorporating the Metallic Trend into Your Kitchen

All things metallic have been on trend of late, and kitchens have been no exception.

Whether used as an accent for tapware and door hardware, or incorporated on a larger scale; metallic elements in your kitchen can add an urban flair and modern feel to the space.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to feature metal surfaces in your kitchen design:

Heavy Metal

Deciding to commit to a metallic kitchen is a bold move, but one that’s at the forefront of modern kitchen design.

Picking a statement metal and weaving this throughout your island, benchtop and splashback creates a unique and ultra-modern look, with the added bonus of easy cleaning.

Throw in metallic-finish kitchen cabinets and you’ll have the heavy metal kitchen of your dreams.

Working With White

A white kitchen makes the perfect canvas to introduce metals. Choosing white cabinetry gives you the flexibility to choose any metal as a feature, as its relative simplicity lets your metal elements be the hero without taking over the space.

Incorporating steel or chrome creates drama and wow-factor, but in a way that’s practical to style.

Complementing Wood  

The matte finish of wood showcases the brilliance of metals, making for a perfect kitchen pairing.

Try combining deep wooden cabinetry with metallic splashbacks, or use wooden corners to accent a metallic feature island.

Contrasting a darker wood with bright metals like copper or tarnished gold will bring a gorgeous balance to your kitchen.  


Accent Pieces

Even if you’re not looking to make a full metallic statement, you can still tell a story through switching out smaller pieces for metallic options.

Taps, handles and light fittings in a metallic finish will tie together seamlessly, adding personality to your kitchen without taking away from your overall theme.

Start Small

Not sure if you’re wanting to make your metallic statement a permanent one? Introduce the trend in your small appliances, cutlery and cookware.

This will help you visualise how your metallic colour scheme will work in your space, without committing to implementing it on a bigger scale.


In fact, if there any kitchen trends that you are unsure of, this is a great way to give them a go.

The Apollo Kitchens team have seen many trends come and go, with over 50 years’ experience in the industry. We know how to incorporate trends in a way that will stand the test of time – get in touch with us to arrange a quote today.

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