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Ahead of the Curve: How to Incorporate the Curved Trend in Your Kitchen

We’re taking a look at some of the emerging trends in kitchen design for 2021. One we’re seeing everywhere – curved elements in kitchens. 

While minimalist cabinetry and clean lines have been popular choices in recent years, curves are making a comeback. From arches to windows, joinery to decor, there are many ways to incorporate the curved trend into your custom kitchen design.


Why curves are having a resurgence

Just as we are seeing a natural inspiration in 2021’s trending colour palettes, our interest in all things curved also takes its cue from nature. 

Compared to straight lines which can feel structured and crisp, curves are all about softness and can have a soothing effect on the kitchen environment. 


How can I incorporate curves into my kitchen? 


It’s one of the more bold ways to embrace curves, but rounding out your joinery can be on-trend without sacrificing a timeless feel in your kitchen. 

When thinking about how curves will work in your custom kitchen design, think about the lines of your space and how curves can be used to create additional functionality or focal points in the space. 

Rounding the end of your island bench for example may help to reduce pain points around entry and exit to the kitchen. 

Alternatively, curving the underside of your island can create additional space for a breakfast bar in the concave, or create a striking accent when you first enter the kitchen.

When it comes to finishes, curves are a high-impact design feature – so keep your palette simple. Stick to neutral colours and natural materials – think concrete, timber and marble.  



If you want to start with a lower-impact curve, using shelves to round out the corners in your kitchen can be an effective way to embrace the trend. 

Opt for a shelving unit or system with curved corners in line with the wall, which has a big impact for little cost or effort. 



We’re firm believers that your kitchen should be an extension of the rest of your home, not a room with its own style that sits in isolation. So if you’re embracing curves in your custom kitchen design, you can continue this into other rooms in a surprisingly simple way. 

Create cohesion through structural elements like archways entering your kitchen, or to the corners of your ceiling. These subtle nods can help to tie in the kitchen to the rest of your home, without needing to go overboard. 



Pivoting back to the lower-impact end of the curved spectrum, swapping out your fittings and hardware can also help to bring curves into your kitchen. 

Where you do have more traditional joinery, curved handles on your cabinets can provide a contrast without taking over the space. 

Similarly, your light fixtures can also introduce curves to balance out straight lines in your kitchen. Large, rounded lights over your island for example can be as functional as they are stylish, creating a centrepiece in your kitchen and pulling the whole space together.



Of course, if you’re looking for the quickest way to introduce curves into your kitchen, then swapping out your decor is the way to go. 

Mirrors can help to increase the feeling of space in your kitchen, and make the most of any natural light in your space. A curved or rounded mirror is an easy way to balance your space with some softness, without taking away from the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Rounded jars or vases can double as storage while being stylish additions to your bench tops – and for the entertainers among us, a large round platter is perfect for having guests over.


Thinking of embracing curves in your kitchen this year? Get in touch with our team for a design consultation.

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