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3 Ways To Get Your Kids Involved in The Kitchen

Are you struggling to get your kids to help out with the daily house chores? If so, then the easiest way to transition them into finding a routine and becoming motivated to lend you a helping hand, can be through kitchen work.

The kitchen is the area in the house where all the fun occurs. It is where home-cooked meals are made, school lunch boxes are organised, and where the family gathers together to enjoy dinner.

So, if you are in need of some help, keep reading to find out the three stages where you can involve your kids in the process of making weekday dinners or even weekend lunches!

1. Meal preparation

When you begin to prepare your dinner for the night, make sure you invite your kids into the kitchen and encourage them to get involved and become active participants in the making of a meal.

It is important that you make them feel a part of the preparation. This can be as simple as letting them flick through the cookbook and deciding on their favourite recipe, or helping in finding and taking out the required ingredients from the kitchen fridge or pantry.  

Providing your kids with aprons and their very own kitchen tools can also work in motivating them to bring out their inner MasterChef.

Stirring the batter, measuring the flour, seasoning the vegetables, crumbing the chicken, decorating the pizza bases with toppings, and of course, allowing them to taste test!   

2. Setting up the table

Whilst you’re assembling the finishing touches of a meal, get your kids to set up the dinner table for the family. Firstly, show them what goes where and how to arrange everything in the correct way.

This step can involve assigning every family member at the table a placemat, a set of cutlery, napkins and glasses. But be wary about their handling of cutlery- if they are old enough, ensure that you show them the proper way of carrying them to the table.

And if your kids are creative at heart, why not give them the responsibility of making name cards for special dinner events and holiday celebrations!

3. The clean up

Probably the most challenging task is convincing your kids to become involved in the cleaning process after the dinner feast! Start off by getting them into the routine of taking their dirty dishes and glasses to the kitchen sink.

Younger kids can help in clearing the kitchen table by putting condiments, water jugs and placemats away. Whereas older kids can help in wiping down the table and helping to load and unload the dishwasher- making your job a whole lot easier and quicker!

At the end of all their hard work and effort, don’t forget to reward them for their job well done!

And if your kitchen is in need of a kid-friendly makeover, don’t hesitate to contact the Apollo Kitchen experts for your next kitchen renovation!    

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