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Kitchen Appliance Shopping Guide

A kitchen renovation is an exciting opportunity to update the aesthetic, feel and function of your home’s heart. It’s also the time to take a look at the MVPs of your kitchen – your appliances – and assess how they work, and whether they work for you. 

We’ve rounded up the top trending kitchen appliances of the moment, so you can decide whether to save or splurge ahead of your kitchen reno.



Pyrolytic oven

A pyrolytic, or self-cleaning oven can be beneficial for someone who loves taking the time to prepare a meal, but may not have the time to clean everything top to bottom. 

Pyrolytic ovens use high temperatures of around 500°C to incinerate food residue into a fine ash. This means, once the cleaning cycle is complete, you can safely wipe the ash away with a damp cloth, so you can say goodbye to harsh oven cleaner. 

PRICE RANGE: pyrolytic ovens range from the $1,000 bracket to around $4,500.


Steam oven

Don’t be put off by the name, your steam oven will do more than it says. Most high-end ovens you’ll find on the market offer a number of functionalities, so steam works hand-in-hand with convection in most.

Cooking with a combination of steam and convection maintains some of the key vitamins and nutrients that get lost in a purely electric oven, and achieves bakes and roasts that are beautifully moist on the inside, and crispy outside. Delicious. 

PRICE RANGE: combination steam ovens range from $1,000 to $5,000.


Downdraft rangehoods

For those who don’t want a rangehood taking pride of place in their kitchen design, or perhaps wish to install their hob on an island bench, a downdraft rangehood is the perfect solution. 

When not in use, downdraft rangehoods remain out of sight, discreetly sitting below your worktop. Just one push of a button activates the rangehood, which rises from the back of your stove and draws fumes from your cooking. 

PRICE RANGE: downdraft rangehoods range from $1,700 to $5,300.



Smart fridge

Smart fridges have cloud connectivity, meaning, depending on the fridge and its inbuilt features, you can use your phone to see what’s inside, send and receive notes and calendar reminders to appear on the screen, and get alerted if the door is left open or ice is running low. 

Some smart fridges have television capabilities, so you can follow along with your favourite cooking shows. Those on the lower end of the price scale may simply include a see-through panel and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

A smart fridge is definitely a splurge item, fit for someone who loves gadgets, or a big family with lots of people to co-ordinate. 

PRICE RANGE: Smart fridges range from $3,300 to $9,000 (for ultra high-end). 


Wine fridge

Wine cabinets are designed to store your collection at the ideal temperature for cellaring and drinking. Features include mild temperatures, high humidity levels, anti-vibration and ultra-violet protection.

If you’re after something less indulgent, wine fridges offer the look of a wine cabinet, without the cellaring features. Wine fridges are perfect for entertainers, as you can pull out a bottle after years of ageing and know it’s ready for drinking. 

PRICE RANGE: Wine fridges range, depending on size, from $400 to $4,000. 


Still not sure what appliances might be best suited to your new kitchen design? The trusted and experienced team at Apollo Kitchens have the know-how to guide you in your choice. Contact us for a consultation today!

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