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Kitchen Benchtop Design Guide with Latest Trends in Sydney

Kitchen Benchtop Guide For 2023

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation in 2023, chances are you have begun to realise just how many decisions go into the process. 

From joinery to design, from lighting to colour palettes, there are lots of elements that need to be planned in order to deliver your dream kitchen. 

In this kitchen benchtop guide, we have put together a comprehensive and helpful checklist covering the considerations for the surfaces in your new kitchen. 


To upgrade or not to upgrade? 

If you aren’t building a new kitchen from scratch, you’ll likely be considering whether it’s worth installing new benchtops or if you can get away with keeping your existing surfaces. 

After all, it’s true that some complete refitting of your benches can end up being a costly endeavour. 

However, there are multiple ways that a benchtop refresh can be achieved without breaking the bank – cost-effective materials or strategic replacements of high-use surfaces can help you to achieve that new kitchen feeling while conserving your budget for other elements of the space. 

There are also a host of benefits to replacing your benchtops with new material, whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home to sell or just want to change up the design style of your kitchen. 



Once you’ve planned your kitchen layout and have an understanding of how much surface area your benchtops will take up, it’s time to review your benchtop options. 

The surface area plays a role here, as the cost of materials can vary greatly – so if your kitchen has a lot of bench space, you can end up using a lot of your project budget on the benches. 

You’ll also want to consider how you and your family use the kitchen, too – if you have young children who are prone to spills, or you entertain often and need a hardy surface, the best material for you may differ from the next homeowner.


For a full list of considerations, check out our guide to Choosing a Benchtop Material.


The top materials you’ll find in every good kitchen benchtop guide include:

  • Stone (engineered or reconstituted) 
  • Timber
  • Polished concrete
  • Laminate 
  • Porcelain

Each has its own benefits and limitations, so do your research to understand which option meets both your usage and budget requirements.


Looking for inspiration on other aspects of your renovation? Check out our other guides, or why not download our exclusive eBook? Covering everything you need to know about design and style, you can access your copy here.


Reclaiming bench space 

With your material locked in, the next item in our kitchen benchtop guide covers how to maximise the available surface area and storage that your benches offer. 

Maximising storage’ appears on just about every homeowner’s wishlist, and while this can be achieved through your joinery, it’s also true that you can compound the space-saving through clever benchtop choices. 

Popular options include: 


Installing an island bench 

If your kitchen has a large footprint or is in a galley or L-shaped layout, you could benefit immensely from incorporating an island bench into your kitchen. 

Not only does this offer additional storage, but it can create an entirely new preparation zone that’s perfect for cooking, entertaining, putting away groceries or even a breakfast bar. 


Opt for an induction cooktop

Induction as a cooking method has come a long way in recent years, and they are just as much a space-saver for your benchtops as they are a safety precaution for young families. 

Sitting flush to the benchtop, when off, you can reclaim the cooktop as additional bench space, perfect for smaller kitchens. 

Cool to the touch, they’re also a child-and-pet-friendly option. 

For more ideas on how to maximise bench space in your kitchen design, check out our blog on 7 Ways to Increase Your Bench Space.

When you take the time to consider whether to update your existing benchtops, which materials to use, and which configuration will give you the greatest return of bench space, you’ll end up with a kitchen that offers adequate room to enjoy with your family. 


Need help narrowing down the right benchtop choice for your project? Join us at an Apollo Kitchens Showroom, with locations across Sydney and the Central Coast. We’ll talk through the options covered in this kitchen benchtop guide, and help you decide on the best combination of materials and layout for your home.

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