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Kitchen with navy blue cupboards

Kitchen Benchtops and Cupboards: 4 Stylish Combinations For Your Sydney Home

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite combination options of kitchen benchtops and cupboards? You’re not alone.

This article does not cover every possible combination. Instead, it lists combinations that we have seen to work well and be successful among our Apollo Kitchens clients.

One thing to keep in mind is that using the right materials and applying the right finishes to those materials is the key to giving your kitchen that “wow” factor.

In other words, we know that those combinations are among the top five options for Sydney kitchen homeowners considering a complete kitchen remodel. Let’s get into it!

White cupboards and marble benchtops

Sydney homeowners and renovators consistently favour white kitchens due to their very classical, minimalist, and elegant feel.

Very easy on the eye; the white colour’s simplicity will never go out of style, and marble’s organic natural element softens the overall effect.

The light feel of an all-white kitchen will make the room feel bigger than it actually is. Try a warm metallic, like gold or bronze, as a complement to the elegant look if you want to add finishing touches to embellish the space.

White kitchens are always a good choice for anyone considering selling their home in the future because they provide a blank canvas for the homeowners to add their own personality.

Another popular choice for those seeking a minimalist aesthetic is cream and white, which can add some drama and warmth to a contemporary space. Both combinations are popular in Hampton Style Kitchens.

Green cupboards and white benchtops

A designer-favoured green that can be found all over Pinterest is the olive green. Olive is a deep yellow-green colour with a calming and natural aesthetic. It is a classy and refined choice of colour for interiors.

Green cabinetry can be overpowering, especially if it extends from floor to ceiling. One way to counteract this is to pair it with a white, light-reflecting kitchen benchtop. This way you will be able to achieve light-filled space that complements the dark tones of the cabinets.

Concerned that green will overpower your kitchen but not a fan of open shelving? Glass doors on the upper cabinets keep the kitchen feeling open and airy while still adding that touch of green you desired.

If olive green or earthier tones are too heavy for you, light mint green is a great substitute. Many designers have been playing with this shade, whether that’s through appliances, bar stools, or kitchen cabinets.

The combination of mint and white helps to add some visual interest. A nice selection of tiles for your splashback and even flooring can help to connect the two different colours.

The minty green cabinetry contributes to the bright and airy feel of minimalist kitchens and is one of the go to options for a retro look.

Gold light fixtures and hardware add a luxurious touch to any shade of green and are a must-have for both olive green and mint green cabinets.

Black cupboards and metallic benchtop

It’s safe to say that you’re not alone in your passion for dark and dramatic kitchen cabinets. An all-black kitchen has a certain epic quality.

You can’t go wrong with an all-black colour scheme if you want to use your kitchen cabinetry to make a strong design statement. It can create a chic and welcoming aesthetic for your space and make an immediate impact.

By combining black with a metallic colour like gold, bronze, or brass, you can enhance the luxury and glitz that black already evokes.

The black and metallic colour scheme is popular in industrial kitchens, but it is not limited to this design style.

All-black kitchens aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the dark cabinet decor trend.

Colour blocking, which involves making bold style statements by combining relatively large areas of two to three solid colours, will allow you to introduce beautiful black shades to your interior in any way you like.

Other colours could be used for your kitchen island, splashbacks, and walls in addition to black cabinets and metallic kitchen benchtops.

Navy blue cupboards and grey benchtop

Blue is a great way to incorporate some colour to the kitchen and avoid having to settle for white cabinets.

Blue kitchens offer colour and coordinate with neutrals if you want a little colour in your kitchen.

Blue is well-known for its calming and restful qualities as well as the harmony and serenity it fosters in a space. It should come as no surprise that one of the most widely used paint colours today for kitchen cabinetry is blue.

For those who don’t want to go completely blue, navy blue painted cabinets combined with white cabinets create a cooler, cosier atmosphere in a room.

Together, navy, grey, and brass look elegant. In contrast to a deep navy, the brass is jewellery! For a luxurious-looking kitchen, incorporate brass into the lighting, pulls and knobs, faucets, and other fixtures.

Avoid soapstone and dark kitchen benchtops in a dark kitchen unless you want navy cabinets; instead, use light grey. Light grey, white, off-white, and creamy backsplashes go well with navy cabinets.

Making sure there is enough lighting in kitchens with navy blue cabinets is crucial. The lighting helps prevent the space from being too dark to appreciate your kitchen’s blue cabinets or the kitchen itself.

What is the ideal colour scheme for a kitchen?

The best colour for your kitchen will depend on the actual room. Since every kitchen is unique, different colours work better there.

When choosing the ideal colour scheme for the future heart of your Sydney home, keep in mind the kitchen’s two main focal points: kitchen cabinets and kitchen benchtops.

Consider the natural and artificial lighting in your space. Determine whether the light is coming from a cool easterly or a warm westerly direction. Each of these will have a different appearance of colour.

A room facing north or east may appear too cold with a cool shade, but this can be easily warmed up with new lighting. There are essentially no “wrong” kitchen colours because selecting the appropriate shade of your chosen colour can make a world of difference.

The talented designers at Apollo Kitchens can evaluate your space and determine which colours will deliver the best results. If you’d like to learn more, contact us right away for a no-obligation consultation.

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