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Why You Should Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen

Why You Should Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that gets the most traffic. At least three times a day, people gather close to the kitchen and serving area to chat, laugh, and catch up on the day’s events.

A good-sized kitchen must now have an island bench, which is great for gathering people and providing a place to munch but isn’t always the best place to eat.

For both practical and aesthetically pleasing reasons, many designers are now replacing the traditional kitchen table and chair setup with breakfast nooks in empty corners.

Breakfast nooks are a cosy way to start the day and make good use of available space. Here are some additional benefits of having a breakfast nook, as well as reasons to convert a small space into a useful area with plenty of seating in order to increase the value of your home:

Additional counter space

Depending on how your kitchen is set up, counter space might be in high demand, particularly when preparing meals and cleaning up afterwards.

Breakfast nooks offer a significant additional surface area that can be used to supplement kitchen counter space. Even large island kitchens can benefit from more counter space.

Making an extra area for eating, sitting, or even playing a game is a great way to free up existing counter space. It reduces clutter in areas where the majority of the action takes place, such as near sinks and ovens, and allows family members to linger and be together without clogging up the actual galley area.

Additional seating area

A breakfast nook is an excellent way to encourage guests to eat in the kitchen rather than in the dining room. It comes in handy when throwing a party or hosting a holiday event.

Because of its proximity to the kitchen, the nook is ideal for children to play in while mum or dad prepares dinner. Because of their height, small children may find it difficult to sit on bar stools at an island, but the chairs in a kitchen nook are ideal for children.

A breakfast nook is a great addition to any home that will only raise its value if you ever decide to sell, much like a new benchtop can elevate your kitchen design. It also provides additional counter space, seating, and charm. The addition of built-in seating areas, such as benches or booths, will undoubtedly increase the value of your kitchen.

Multipurpose corner

Breakfast nooks can be used for a variety of purposes, including coffee breaks and snacks as well as non-food-related activities. By including one in your kitchen, you can invite guests to congregate in a welcoming area where they can continue their conversations long after the meal is finished. While making plans for the weekend, you can prepare a bowl of ice cream, play a game, or serve your favourite dish.

Because of their cosiness and comfort, as well as their generous table and countertop space, these spaces are ideal for these activities. The size, design, and the number of seats in your breakfast nook will determine how good of a gathering spot it will be and whether it will be a place free of electronic distractions for a fun family game night.

Breakfast nooks inevitably become places where kids do their homework, colour, create art, or play table games while someone is watching them from the kitchen.

They can also be used to make a design statement. It can be an extension of the decor in your kitchen or a completely unique area of your home. You can make it elegant, fun, or retro, like an old-fashioned diner.

The right lighting choice can help define small spaces in the home and further incorporate vintage references. Use a low-hanging pendant that casts a cosy glow around your table or a charming wall lamp with a pleated shade.

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