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Kitchen Builders’ Guide to Choosing the Right Kitchen Flooring

As one of the high-traffic rooms in the house, your kitchen floor needs to be durable enough to withstand everything from spills to scuffs and everything in between. 

Not all flooring materials are created equal, and particularly when considering a renovation or new build, you’ll want to install flooring that ticks the following boxes: 

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean 
  • Tough and durable
  • Stylish and complementary to the rest of your kitchen 

As experienced kitchen builders in Sydney, we’ve found that there are a few flooring materials that are best suited to the demands of the kitchen. 

Read on to find out which kitchen flooring we recommend for your renovation. 


Hardwood floorboards 

A popular choice in coastal, Hamptons and country-style kitchens, timber flooring has proven itself to be a timeless option. 

Hardwood floors add warmth and character to the space, and can easily be carried through to the living and dining areas for an open-plan feel. 

Timber floors do come with maintenance, though – scratches and scuffs will show up easier, although they can be buffed out. 

Even with sealing, your floors can be damaged by moisture so spills need to be wiped up immediately to prevent the liquid from seeping underneath. 



Another option that’s never gone out of style, tiles are a popular choice for homeowners and kitchen builders alike thanks to their easy installation and low maintenance upkeep. 

The bigger the tile, the less grout you’ll need in the kitchen – with grout being a magnet for dirt and grime, this is just about the only part of the floor that needs maintenance. 

Tiles’ durability is a double-edged sword, however – while they’re easy to clean and can withstand high impact activity, they’re also less forgiving when it comes to dropping any crockery or glasses on the floor. 

Tiles also transmit heat more effectively than other flooring choices, so they’ll feel cold underfoot. While this can be a good quality in summer- in winter you may want to rely on underfloor heating to make the tiles more comfortable to stand on. 


Hybrid floors 

Hybrid floors are a durable and affordable option, that offers the same water-resistance of vinyl, combined with the hard-wearing qualities of laminate. 

Installed as a floating floor, opting for a hybrid is a relatively cost-effective choice. Its use of print also means you have complete flexibility as to the look and feel of the material, without needing to commit to a higher-maintenance surface. 

Sealed with a protective coating on its top layer, a hybrid floor boasts 100% waterproof qualities and can withstand daily wear and tear from kids and pets.


Polished concrete 

Another durable option, polished concrete looks great in industrial-style kitchens, modern kitchens or in kitchens with timber cabinetry. 

Work with your kitchen builders to ensure that the concrete is adequately prepared for polishing, as any bar marks or boot prints will significantly affect the finished product. 

The process of polishing concrete actually increases its durability, meaning you’ll get a longer lifespan for your flooring. 

You can also choose the level of stone exposure and gloss you want for your concrete which will also change the look of your kitchen.



After reaching peak popularity in the 1950s, we’ve only recently seen linoleum begin to resurge in popularity for its eco-friendly materials and durable properties. 

Working well with mid-century modern kitchen design, linoleum is easy to clean and has more ‘give’ to it underfoot in comparison to a surface like tile. 

Linoleum can be more difficult to install and is a job best left to kitchen builders or professionals. Linoleum floors will also need to be resealed regularly to preserve their lifespan.



The innovation in laminate flooring has come along in leaps and bounds, and there are now a variety of styles including timber-look laminates to use in the kitchen. 

Another great choice for families with young children or pets, laminate is water-resistant and largely scratch-proof. 

Considering a kitchen renovation? We’ve put together a guide to the most important kitchen design principles, along with plenty of inspiration for your project. Downloaded by thousands of Sydney homeowners, get your copy here.

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