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Kitchen Cabinet Checklist

Kitchen Cabinets Checklist: How to Choose What’s Right for You

As one of the main elements of the kitchen, cabinetry plays a large role in determining not only the look and feel of your space but how you use it, too. If you are considering a kitchen renovation in the near future, or just want to breathe new life into your space, custom kitchen cabinets are a great investment. You can tailor the design, materials and colour scheme to your preference, while also ensuring the layout and functionality reflects the way you like to use your kitchen. 

We know the volume of options can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to be led astray from your initial vision (or budget) when comparing different kitchen cabinet designs. 

So, we’ve put together a simple checklist to work through as you plan your kitchen cabinet updates to ensure you end up with a kitchen that ticks all your boxes.


Colour, style and design 

As one of the largest visual elements in a kitchen, cabinetry is often the first thing you notice as you walk in and therefore have a large influence over the aesthetic of your space. 

The colour you choose for your cabinets should not only complement the rest of your space (appliances, splashback, fixtures, flooring, benchtops are a few considerations here) but also the rest of your house. Particularly for open plan areas, the kitchen may flow into the surrounding zones; so you don’t want this to look disjointed or to visually clash. 

Interested in two-toned cabinetry? Learn how to pull off this look.

Next on your checklist is to consider how the design of your cabinetry fits within the overall style you want for your kitchen. For example, if you want a sleek, modern look, you may steer away from a heritage door profile with ornate door hardware. 

It can be hard to predict where trends are going next, so if you are worried about your kitchen dating quickly, steer away from anything too popular in the current moment and instead opt for mainstays or neutral design options that you can easily update with paint or new hardware instead. 

For more inspiration on door profiles and options, check out our blog on kitchen cabinet design styles.



Materials can play double-duty when it comes to kitchen cabinet design. Not only will they play a role in the maintenance and cleaning requirements of your space, but they can also have visual appeal, depending on what you opt for. 

If you have a young family or prefer a lower-maintenance option, a matte finish is likely not for you – these will show fingerprints more easily, especially in a lighter colour. 

Materials like solid wood or stainless steel tend to age well (both from a wear and tear perspective, along with design relevance) and also add a distinct look to your space. 

Again, look to your overall design style for guidance when choosing a material – both country-style kitchens and modern kitchens can utilise a solid wooden cabinetry, for example, though the grain and shade you choose yields two completely different-looking results.

Read our complete guide to kitchen cabinetry materials and finishes.


Size and function 

With your kitchen cabinets’ aesthetics ticked off, your next job is to ensure they are as functional as they are stylish. 

Opening and closing your cabinets is one of the most common actions you’ll complete each day in your kitchen, so consider the positioning of your cabinetry and the easiest way to access their contents. 

Will handles bang against the wall, or become annoying to grip? If you have under bench cabinetry, will the handles be too low to utilise without discomfort? If you have children, is a soft-closing feature a good investment? Would a pull-out drawer or shelf make good use of an otherwise awkward space? For deep or corner cupboards, would a swivel mechanism make it easier to make full use of their size? 

Having helped thousands of Sydney homeowners with their kitchen renovations, we’ve thought of all the considerations around design, layout and storage so you don’t have to! Read it all in our exclusive guide.

There are so many functionalities available on the market when it comes to kitchen cabinets, including handleless, soft-closing, lift-up doors, bifold doors, sliders and more. 

Don’t be afraid to visit a kitchen showroom to see these different options in action, either. It’s one place where you’re encouraged to open up all the cupboards and take a look inside!



It’s easy to fall in love with custom cabinets and kitchen design concepts before you’ve allocated a budget for the project, and then try to reverse-engineer the rest of your renovation or cut corners to make it happen. 

Take time to research how much cabinets cost and how many your kitchen will need. This is a good time to involve a kitchen designer, who should be able to give you an indication of price and make recommendations on where to save and splurge in your renovation. 


Whether you’re looking for advice on the latest design trends or help with selecting the perfect cabinets for your space, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a consultation or to request an estimate for your kitchen cabinet project. Or, visit one of our showrooms in Sydney, Western Sydney, the Central Coast, and Newcastle to learn more about which cabinetry option is right for you.

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