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Design and Function - Kitchen Cabinet Functionality Tips

Design and Function – Kitchen Cabinet Functionality Tips

Kitchens are where people come together to cook and socialise. In a house, it can even be the room that gets used the most. Every time we begin a new project with a client, we consider how to make the kitchen as functional as possible in order to ensure that each of our clients will be happy with their new kitchen for a very long time.

Every product or area that can perform its intended function has functionality. It manifests in home settings when a space is thoughtfully arranged and customised for the accomplishment of particular chores.

The main goal is to create an environment that is acceptable for carrying out all activities set up by the residents, without generating discomfort or other annoyances. Consideration must be given to every aspect of this, from the placement of huge components to the blending of ornamental elements.

Here are some suggestions for planning your kitchen cabinetry area that balance form and function:

Make a list of the kitchen equipment that would help your family use the area more efficiently (and put it in order from most helpful). For instance, pull-out (hidden) trash and recycling bins, wine storage, a spice rack, a utensil organiser, storage for cookbooks, spacious drawers for pots and pans, and other amenities. If you’d like, we can help you with this because we understand that it can be very overwhelming.

There is a significant size and shape difference between cutlery, glasses, and pans. Therefore, it’s intriguing to have several kitchen cabinet styles and sizes to keep everything under proportion. This makes it possible to utilise your space more effectively and keeps little stuff from piling up and becoming challenging to remove from furniture. Learn about the five most common kitchen layouts so that you may apply the functional recommendations to each of these designs. 

When the space between the fridge and the wall or next to the stove is limited, it’s a good idea to design kitchen cabinets with shelves that run out, as if they were drawers with a single door. This greatly improves access to objects over a simple cabinet, as reaching the bottom would be difficult. Have a look at our favourite kitchen joinery examples.

Give tilting doors preference. This style of kitchen cabinet door is excellent for areas with high humidity levels, like the kitchen of a beach house, because it promotes air circulation. Additionally, its “upwards” opening maximises available area.

It’s always a good idea to have built-in bins if there is enough room, either inside the cabinet or on the countertop, as this keeps the kitchen cleaner and better organised.

Never wait until the very end to decide which appliances to use. Many individuals are unaware that choosing equipment is important when you first start designing a kitchen layout and cabinet. 

It’s important to identify with the residents what they need versus what they desire to have. Will it be a cooktop or a stove? Do they require a dishwasher? These choices have an immediate impact on the project.

To observe how specific features work in action, visit a store or display. When you visit in person, you will learn about a wide range of kitchen cabinetry characteristics. Even if it isn’t on exhibit, you can browse catalogues containing examples. Visit one of our showrooms; Apollo Kitchens now has locations in Sydney, Western Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle, serving all four corners of New South Wales.

Take the help of a cabinet or kitchen designer. Every house is unique, and we are here to collaborate with our clients to design the ideal kitchen that fits their way of life. 

You can be motivated to unleash your culinary imagination by the ideal kitchen. It should be flexible enough to double as a home office or a place to host visitors. Each Apollo Kitchen project has two things in common: they are all constructed to last and are all meant to delight.

Lastly, be honest with yourself about the amount of space you have to work with and your budget. This will assist you in designing the ideal and functional space for you and your family, avoiding future frustrations. Determine which functions or features you would use the most frequently.

We can discuss potential solutions together, taking into account the available area. Our experts are knowledgeable with a variety of layouts and know the right product to help you achieve your dream kitchen!

Are you considering remodelling your kitchen to improve your family’s well-being and increase the value of your home? A free consultation is the best way to find out how you can have the stylish, functional custom kitchen joinery you’ve always wanted. Contact our team of experts right away.

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