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Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel Guide For Your Kitchen Renovation

When you walk into a kitchen, usually one of the first things you notice is the cabinetry. From the layout to the design style, it plays a huge role in not only how your kitchen looks, but how you use it, too. 

If you’re planning a renovation, your kitchen cabinets are a key consideration for the project. Read on for our advice on each element of updating your kitchen cupboards.


The role of cabinetry in a kitchen

Outside of appliances, usually cabinetry is top of homeowners’ lists when it comes to what they want their renovation to update. Comprising a large component of the space – both visually and functionally – it’s no surprise that refreshing your kitchen cabinets can have a large impact on both the aesthetic and value of your home. 

When designed intentionally, good kitchen cabinetry ticks a few boxes: 

  • It maximises available storage, with an intentional space for the utensils, crockery and appliances you use regularly 
  • It reflects the way you use your kitchen, increasing functionality through defining workspaces 
  • It can help to keep your benchtops free from clutter, ensuring you have as much preparation space as possible 
  • It creates or complements the design style of your kitchen, through elements like colour, door profile and hardware 

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Planning kitchen cabinets as part of your renovation

As with any project, it’s a good idea to do some planning upfront before proceeding with your kitchen renovation. Even if you’re involving a kitchen designer, having an idea of things like layout, design style and budget will help to streamline the planning process and guide the rest of your project. 

The first consideration is layout. Are you happy with your existing kitchen layout? or would you like to make some changes? You may wish to install some overhead cabinetry around your cooking area, or incorporate some cupboards into an island bench. These are all part of your layout that should be decided at the outset.

The next thing to think about is which design style most appeals to you. Whether this is distinct, like a Hamptons-style kitchen, or more loosely defined, such as ‘modern’ or ‘coastal,’ having a colour palette and some key materials in mind will guide both the style and finish of your cabinetry. Bringing some inspiration pictures to your design appointment can really help your designer.

Lastly, budget is a key consideration when it comes to updating your kitchen cabinets in Sydney. If you are planning to splurge on appliances or you’re making major layout changes (the kind that involve moving the plumbing, for example) then you may need to compromise on the cabinetry. 

Learn how to effectively budget for your kitchen remodel.

Making these decisions before you get underway will help to make sure you end up with a kitchen that looks – and costs – how you imagined.


Different styles of kitchen cabinets

Armed with some overarching guiding principles around your layout, design style and budget, you can now start to make some more fun decisions! The process of choosing a door profile and material for your cabinetry is when your vision really starts coming to life. 

Shaker-style cabinetry 

One of the most iconic door styles, shaker cabinetry is recognisable for its recessed panels. Their clean lines and traditional appeal make them a popular choice across a range of kitchen design styles, though they’re most synonymous with a Hamptons-style space

Flat-fronted cabinetry 

As simple as they sound, flat-fronted cupboard doors can be manufactured with or without handles in a range of materials. As a result, they’re versatile in terms of design; and low-maintenance in terms of upkeep. 

Textured profiled cabinetry 

Trending in modern kitchen design, textured profiled cabinetry (such as ribbed, fluted and battened style) is popular for the character and interest it adds to a space. 

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Don’t forget the fixtures and finishing touches

With a door selected, your kitchen cabinetry is coming together. The final design elements will determine the overall appearance of your new cabinetry, and help tie it into the rest of your kitchen. 

The most important (and obvious) fixture to choose is your door hardware, or lack thereof. Do you want your cabinets to be handleless, or do you want a handle? What other fixtures have you chosen for your kitchen, and how will the handles tie into this? For example, if you’ve opted for a brushed brass tap, you probably aren’t going to pick chrome handles for your cabinetry. 

Lighting is another element to consider as part of your cabinetry. Installing task lighting beneath overhead cupboards can assist in meal preparation, while strip lighting beneath your under bench cabinetry can provide ambience without a stark source of light. For deeper cupboards, you may even wish to install lighting inside to assist in finding different items. 

Ultimately, kitchen cabinetry is a major consideration of any renovation project, and it’s worth investing both time and budget to ensure you get it right. By factoring in your layout, design style and budget when making decisions for both functionality and aesthetic, you and your kitchen designer can create a new space that you’ll love cooking in for years to come.


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