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A Look Ahead: Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

Kitchen design trends come and go but here at Apollo Kitchens, we believe some of 2019’s biggest predicted trends tell an important story about the future of kitchen design as a whole. The trends that we’ve outlined in this blog are ideas that have risen to the front of homeowners’ minds of late – but they are classic styles that promise to stick around for a long time yet.



2018 has been all about raising awareness for today’s most pressing environmental issues, and 2019 will see homeowners integrating more sustainability options into their homes. Kitchen design will be about renewable energy sources, and sustainably made building materials. Designers and engineers will also create ways to reduce waste by improving food storage – keeping food fresher for longer without the use of plastic. After all, it’s only by preserving the health of our planet that we’ll get to enjoy our homes for many years to come.



Rich colours

Pastels have dominated mood boards for several seasons, but we’ll soon be seeing the return of dramatic, rich and dark shades. All-black kitchens with accents of gold, white or grey will pop up, as will deep jewel shades and earthy tones that add an element of sumptuousness to the kitchen area.

Not ready to commit to a full-colour re-vamp? Go smaller scale – and reversible – by:

  • Changing the colour of your seating
  • Painting a dramatic feature wall
  • Adding an artwork
  • Changing the light fittings




As we go back to basics in 2019, handmade art pieces are returning in a big way.

We’ve referenced the handmade ideology before, but we’re big believers that – to achieve a truly unique kitchen – you have to shy away from mass produced wares, and towards things you find on your travels or in boutique artists’ markets.

Your kitchen will feel more personal and vibrant if each piece tells a story. And to achieve this, source your key pieces from markets, galleries, vintage stores or overseas. Speak to artists and makers as you go about town, and source items for your kitchen that you feel a connection to.

If you are ready to commit to a beautiful kitchen renovation, speak to our designers at Apollo Kitchens. We’ll be able to design you something personal and attention-grabbing that you’ll treasure forever.


Modular kitchens

In a true testament to the blending of form and function, modular kitchens are set to take centre stage. Basically, modular refers to kitchens that have moving parts – so you can pull a dining table up and down, shift a kitchen island to the side, or make room for more benchspace.

Modular kitchens require creative forethought and critical design thinking if they’re to succeed. They’re an innovation in design that requires a bit of extra work in the planning stages, but you’ll see incredible results. What’s more, you’ll be able to adjust your kitchen on a daily basis, or as your lifestyle changes.

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