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A Look Ahead: Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Kitchen ideas and design trends come and go, so it is important, when planning for a kitchen renovation to choose wisely which ones you decide to replicate. Fortunately for the forward-focused amongst us, most of the kitchen design trends we’re seeing for 2020 are fundamental and basic, meaning they’re not likely to date. Read on for the kitchen design hallmarks we’re flagging for the year ahead. 


Natural materials

Use of natural materials like timber and bamboo will continue to dominate the kitchen designs we see in 2020. Raw tones look effortless and timeless, adding a warmth and texture to your space that won’t date. The kitchens that use natural materials well, will use them to accent hero shades like white, grey and deeper, richer colours. 



More and more kitchens are embracing a touch of colour, with the trending moody green and navy continuing through to the new year. Black kitchens will also enjoy a moment in the sun in 2020, with matte finishes paired with natural timbers and metallics for a rich, luxe aesthetic. Don’t forget, dark tones can make a space feel cramped and unappealing. Offset this with plenty of natural light and accenting with bright finishes like marble.


Open shelving

It’s no wonder open shelving is trending for 2020. It’s a cost-effective, easy way to brighten up your kitchen, giving you a space to inject some personality by way of what you choose to display. Popular in traditionally styled kitchen designs, you’re likely to find open shelving amongst Scandinavian- or Hamptons-inspired spaces. 


Minimalist handles

People are opting for minimal pulls and handles, or none at all, allowing the natural wood or finish of cabinetry to shine. Going handleless creates a seamless, uninterrupted look for your cupboards and drawers. This look works especially well for those opting for floor-to-ceiling joinery. Shark nose finger pulls, touch release doors and small, metallic pulls are some of the most popular choices of the minute, and will continue well into 2020. 


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