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Photo of coastal kitchen designed and installed by Apollo Kitchens in Central Coast, NSW

Design Your Dream Kitchen With Inspiration For Your Renovation

Kitchens have long been considered the heart of the home; and in recent years, with the rise of open floorplans, they’re also a design centrepiece, too. 

When designing your new kitchen, it’s important to consider not only your design aesthetic for the space, but also how this will feel cohesive with the rest of your home. 

Having a design style in mind before commencing your project will help to ensure that all your decisions in relation to colours, materials and styling will all work together to achieve your dream kitchen. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular design styles to give you some kitchen inspiration for your renovation. 


Hamptons style kitchen

While we may live on the other side of the world from the New York coastline that gives this style its name, Australians have embraced the coastal charm of the Hamptons style kitchen

A white palette is most synonymous with Hamptons design, though not a necessity. Cabinetry in jewel tones or cool greys also lend well to this style, paired with Shaker-style doors to complete the look. 

Other characteristics of a Hamptons style include subway tiles for the splashback, and a large butler-style sink. 

The Hamptons are an entertainers’ destination, so island benches with breakfast-bar seating are a staple of this style. The Hamptons style is a great source of kitchen inspiration for those who love to barbeque or cook for friends and family.

Complete the look with cool-toned timber flooring, or large floor tiles in a light grey tone.


Coastal style kitchen

Sharing some similarities with the Hamptons style, a coastal kitchen is also built on a light and bright colour palette. Evoking the airy feel of a home by the beach, a coastal design style is designed to maximise natural light and the feeling of space. 

Where the Hamptons palette is rounded out by cool greys and jewel tones, the coastal style pairs well with seafoam blues and greens. Use these colours in your splashback or decor so as not to take away from the bright aesthetic of the space. 

Another large element of the coastal style is the use of natural textures and materials. Timber is liberally used in coastal kitchens, whether the cabinetry is left natural to emphasise the texture of the wood, or the timber flooring is continued into adjacent areas of the home. Coastal timbers are usually lighter, so as to not detract from any natural light sources. 

Style a coastal kitchen with timber chairs in a similar finish, or wicker seating with natural linen cushions. 


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Country style kitchen

Country kitchens have been a mainstay of Australian design for decades, loved for their warm and welcoming feel. While the aesthetics of a modern country kitchen may look a little different to the country kitchens of 30 years ago, many of the design principles are timeless. 

Generally speaking, country kitchens buck the minimalist style that’s also rising in popularity. Open shelving and glass-fronted cabinetry encourage the rustic, charming style of a country kitchen, rather than having everything hidden away behind cupboard doors. 

Natural materials are a must in country kitchens, though there’s also a lot of freedom with the colour palette. A country kitchen could be all-white, or feature colourful cabinetry. Timber can be used as a benchtop, as the cabinetry material, as the flooring, or a combination of all three. Exposed beams are also a great way to incorporate timber into your design without overpowering the space.


Contemporary apartment kitchen 

While apartment kitchens can be small, you can still pack a whole lot of smart design into these spaces. With the rise of apartment living, there’s never been more kitchen inspiration for these homes. 

Matte, handleless cabinetry in an apartment kitchen can make the space feel bigger, thanks to the unbroken lines. Integrated appliances also contribute to the feeling of space, indistinguishable from the rest of your cabinetry. 

Waterfall benchtops in a stone finish enhance the feeling of luxury in an apartment kitchen. Carrying the benchtop material up as the backsplash can help to prevent the cooking area from feeling boxed in. 

Lastly, smart lighting is a must for contemporary apartment kitchens. Strip lighting underneath cabinetry and along kickboards can create ambience without the need for stark overhead lighting, an important consideration if your kitchen neighbours a living area. Pendant lighting over the bench can create a style feature that adds functionality to food preparation. 


Our friendly and experienced team can help you to achieve your dream kitchen style, and help you to design your ideal space. Book a consultation or visit a showroom for more kitchen inspiration.

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