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The Benefits of Working With a Full-service Joiner

If you’re thinking of completing a kitchen renovation in the new year, there are a number of ways to go about it. Opting for a flat-pack solution from a general store may seem like the more budget-friendly choice, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, often it’s easier (and sometimes works out cheaper) to work with a kitchen joiner. We’ve listed all the benefits below.



Choosing to engage a kitchen joiner means you’re working with someone who has a wealth of experience in their field, and can use it to your advantage. A kitchen renovation provider such as Apollo Kitchens also has a team of experts whose skills cover everything from initial kitchen design to final installation. This means you can create a truly bespoke kitchen that you know is made with quality materials, and built to last. 



A kitchen designer and a team of experienced cabinet makers will bring years of knowledge to the table when it comes time to begin your kitchen renovation. Kitchen designers will be able to set out a clear vision for the entire project from start to finish, and know how best to create layouts that promote flow, functionality and ease of use. They will work with you to combine any ideas you have for creating your dream kitchen with what they know is functional, contemporary and will fit within your budget. They’ll also be able to identify any areas for improvement and suggest additions you may not have considered. 


High quality

A bespoke kitchen joiner like Apollo Kitchens is making everything your kitchen requires from scratch, to fit your space. There are plenty of benefits to this, one of the most prominent being that the materials used will be of a much higher quality than their lower-cost counterparts. They’ll also be able to provide appliances and finishes from trusted suppliers. This will all save you in the long term, because your kitchen will ultimately be more durable, hard-wearing and heat- and stain-resistant.


End-to-end service

A full-service joiner provides everything for your kitchen renovation, from project management to plumbing. This means your involvement in the process can remain relatively low-touch, aside from making final decisions at different stages. Having a contractor who can project manage your renovation means any areas for improvement will be taken care of, risks mitigated and the whole team of professionals will be coordinated and accounted for without you having to do any wrangling. 


Ready to get started on creating the kitchen you’ll love? The team at Apollo Kitchens is ready to do the work for you. Contact us today.

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