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Kitchen Joinery Inclusions Guide For 2023

Kitchen Joinery Inclusions Guide For 2023

When it comes to planning a kitchen renovation or new build, a lot of homeowners include things like ‘more storage’ and ‘functional layout’ on their wishlist. But often, the execution of these elements can be harder to define. 

Having a detailed brief for your kitchen designer plays a crucial role in creating the kitchen of your dreams. So, to make it easy for you, we’ve created this handy guide to the different kitchen joinery elements to consider for your project.


Door profiles 

Given your cabinetry choices make up a large visual element of your kitchen, deciding how your cupboard doors will look will actually play a deceptive role in shaping the overall style. 

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Opting for a shaker-style door will create a Hamptons-esque aesthetic, or could be used as the foundation for a modern country kitchen. 

More detailed panelling, such as the tongue and groove style, can be used in conjunction with colour to create a modern statement kitchen. 

If you prefer to keep things timeless, opting for a uniform, flat door and skipping the handles will keep lines clean throughout the space. 

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One of the primary roles of your kitchen joinery is to facilitate smart storage options that maximise the available space.  

The pillar element of any kitchen, and your first consideration, is the pantry. If you have the room to execute it, a butler’s pantry provides great storage for things like small appliances, crockery and bulk foods that are out of sight from the main space. 

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Where possible, take your cabinets up to the ceiling. Not only does this help you to squeeze use out of all the available space, but it also avoids the accumulation of dust and grime at the top of the cupboards. 

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Building your kitchen with everyday use in mind is important, too. How will you keep these areas organised once you’re back in your daily routine? Considering things like shelf and drawer labelling, grouped zones and pull-out options to reduce clutter will help you to stay organised down the track. 

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Once you have a vision for how you want your kitchen to look and how you’ll use it, the layout will be an easier design decision. 

Whether you opt for an L-shape or U-shape, incorporate an island or peninsula, or want to account for space for guests or kids to do their homework, kitchen joinery will inform your workflows around cooking, eating and entertaining in the space.

You can further blend the living and kitchen zones of your home by creating a dedicated satellite workspace in this area. A study nook near the kitchen can be a good option for parents who want to supervise homework without needing to step away from the cooking. There are many applications for joinery in the home beyond just the kitchen! 



A big kitchen design update is exciting, but it can create a sense of disjointedness from other areas of the home. 

Take the opportunity to review the joinery throughout your laundry and bathroom, and decide whether it’s worth making updates in these zones, too. It’s possible to save on materials and labour through consolidating renovation work, and you’ll minimise the overall time spent living in a construction zone instead of having two separate projects. 



Armed with a clear vision and wishlist for your project’s kitchen joinery, your kitchen designer will ask for one final, yet crucial, piece of information – what is your budget? 

They will then be able to help you determine what’s possible within these parameters, and help you decide where you can save and splurge on your joinery requirements. 

A good designer will also be able to point you in the direction of cost-effective choices across all of the above elements, so you can achieve the impact you’re looking for without the price tag. 


Want to discuss the kitchen joinery needs for your project? The Apollo Kitchens team is here to help. Contact us to arrange an obligation-free consultation, or visit a showroom in Sydney, Western Sydney, the Central Coast, or Newcastle. 

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