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Kitchen Changes You Can Make to Increase Your Home’s Value

Making changes in your home is one sure way of increasing the value when it comes time to sell, but there are certain things that will appeal to buyers more than others. Whether you’re looking to sell now and want some easy ways to boost your income, or you have plans to sell in the future and want to safeguard your investment, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Get the most value for your money and select the most cost-effective renovations that will give you the highest return. Here’s how we at Apollo Kitchens ensure your renovation will benefit your pocket.

Stick to a timeless design palette

While we love interior design quirks and want to help your personality shine through in your reno, pre-sale is not the right moment to do this. When you’re about to put your home on the market, avoid passing trends and stick to a neutral colour palette of beige, white and black, and select finishes in chrome or stainless steel to match. If you want add a bit of flair, steer towards minimalist or classic designs that will suit most tastes.

Upgrade appliances

Innovations in design mean that installing a brand new oven or dishwasher could add great value to your home. Well-known designer brands could add enormous value to a home, but simply modernising your current appliances is a great first step.

Select the right areas to improve

Some of the costliest changes for new homeowners can occur under the bonnet, so to speak. If you fix or improve your plumbing or electrical wiring, you can add the most value to the kitchen area, as it means the buyer is moving into a safe and functioning home.

The other big money makers: tiling and flooring. As well as making your kitchen more attractive at inspections, having clean grout and crack-free tiles can make a world of difference.

Design for cooking, dining and entertaining

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and families, singles and couples expect to find an open plan space where they can easily entertain guests and cook up a storm. While living in the home, were you frustrated at the lack of bench space? Install a spacious kitchen island to provide the new occupants room. Battling with little storage? Installing a walk-in or butler’s pantry could make your home instantly attractive to a prospective buyer.

When planning your renovation, speak to a professional design and project manager. Hiring experts in the field will ensure you get a good quality renovation that brings you value, and you will have a warranty on the products and labour. Planning your kitchen renovation right might mean you stand to profit thousands of dollars.

Contact us to get your kitchen sale-ready.

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