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Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

A kitchen renovation is a big undertaking, meaning it’s not something you want to get wrong. There are a number of considerations to make when it comes to planning for your kitchen renovation, and we’ve listed those we know you really want to get right. 


Bench height

The standard for kitchen bench heights is 900mm, allowing for factors such as appliances and storage. Depending on the needs of your family, this may or may not be appropriate. Heights of anywhere between 850mm and 1050mm can be suitable. A crucial step in the kitchen planning process is to measure out the height and see which feels most comfortable. 


Appliance placement

Careful planning when it comes to the placement of major appliances in your kitchen is crucial to nailing a functional space. The most important considerations are, obviously size and placement of doors. You don’t want a fridge that doesn’t fully open, or a dishwasher that does, but obstructs flow of foot traffic. Other important concessions to make when positioning appliances are plumbing and electricity. The last thing you want is a dishwasher-sized hole in your joinery because there was nowhere to connect it up.



Task lighting is so important in modern kitchen design, because it increases functionality and practicality. Under-cabinet lighting is the best way to achieve this, providing added visibility and safety. 



It’s easy to get excited when renovating your kitchen and choose a completely new, trending style. But sometimes an ultra-modern kitchen doesn’t tie in with the rest of the home, and unless you’ve got the budget and time for a complete overhaul, this can result in a home that is inconsistent and slightly jarring. Take style cues from the rest of the home and implement them in your kitchen design to ensure a common theme throughout the house.  


Apollo Kitchens has a wealth of experience to ensure we don’t make the renovation mistakes a novice might. Contact us to get started on your new kitchen today.

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