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What To Consider Before Jumping Into Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is a great step to take when you want to upgrade your lifestyle and add value to your home. Not only will a brand new kitchen let you cook and entertain more seamlessly, when it comes time to sell, you’ll be able to reap your return on investment.

If you’ve got your heart set on a kitchen renovation – or are just exploring your options – we’re making it easy with our top things to consider before paying your first deposit.

Hire a professional project manager

Like with any big project, it can be challenging to manage a wealth of moving parts on your own. From sourcing products to hiring contractors and abiding by local legislation, it can be unwieldy to juggle it all.

Instead of managing the renovation yourself – and risk compromising quality – hire a professional project manager. At Apollo Kitchens, our managers streamline the process for you, bringing you in only at critical decision-making junctures, so you can live your life without the added stress.

Think about how you use your space

Consider how you use your kitchen and use this information to optimise your space. If your kitchen is a hub of activity, communicate that to your designer and use it as a springboard to incorporate large island benches and easily accessible storage for your fancier glassware. If you fancy yourself a foodie, include elements that let you experiment with food, or that provide you extra control. Induction cooktops, double ovens and accessible storage are perfect for these purposes.

A kitchen was designed with plenty of bench-space and seating for a large family.

Pick the right lighting for you

Lighting can make or break the final design and, if you’re anything like us, you use your kitchen for multiple reasons. As such, it’s important to have a few different lighting options that you can switch on and off as you need them. Install bright overhead lights that work for food preparation, and a dimmer switch or floor lamp that provides mood lighting for an intimate dinner. You can also integrate lighting in your cabinetry.

Overhead bench-top lighting to illuminate workspaces

Opt for quality over quantity

If you choose the right elements from the start, your kitchen can provide you a lifetime’s worth of memories. This means that if you want your kitchen to last a lifetime it’s important to consider your budget and choose fewer, higher-quality items rather than purchasing more items than you need.

At Apollo Kitchens, we can assist you throughout your whole redesign, providing expert support from start to finish. By partnering with our teams of designers, builders and project management specialists, you’ll receive a kitchen design you can be proud of.

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